"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cathing up...

So so much to catch up on...

1. I met Andrea what seems like years ago now, but really it was just the Thursday before Thanksgiving. It was like being with an old friend and we had a blast! First was lunch at P.F.Changs, then some good retail therapy, all of it filled with tons and tons of conversation. I hope to get the opportunity to meet some more of you in the future because this was pure bliss! Love you to the moon and back my sweet kindred spirit!!!

2. Then it was off to Nashville for the annual National Youth Workers Convention. I went with Jake and AJ, the youth director I work with and associate youth director, Jeremy, one of their friends who is a youth director in Montana, and Kristi and Michelle who are forever volunteers with our youth. To say we had fun would be an understatement. We laughed until we cried and our sides hurt, stomach hurt, faces hurt. One great highlight was Jeremy and AJ kareokeing 'A Whole New World' from Alladin (yes, it is a guy/girl duet). We also had some awesome worship experiences with David Crowder Band, Jeremay Camp, Jars of Clay, Brandon Heath, and a few others. Then there were speakers who motivated, inspired, and rejuvinated us! It was a success to say the least! The 11 hour drive home was even enjoyable with Jake, Michelle, and I, as Jake played 100 questions and we obliged (sometimes).

3. When I arrived home my hubby had put up Christmas lights on our house. That may not seem like a big deal to some, but the only way he's ever done that (one year), was constant harrassing and whining on my part. This was a surprise and a gift just for me and it thrilled me! I'll post pics later!

4. Thanksgiving was fun at my sister's MIL's house, we had great food and good company! It was nice being with family, though I missed the hubby who was working hard for the money!

5. I went with Julie and her family to the LSU/Ark game, and for those of you who follow, you know how that turned out, not the highlight of the weekend at the actual game, but I always have a blast with the Mooks who I consider my second family!

6. Today was back to work and it's lonely because Jake is in Montana. I hate it when it's this quiet, though the Christmas music is helping out a lot!! Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas? Well, I adore Christmas, the decorations, the music, the lights--oh how I love Christmas lights!!!! I love trying to pick out the perfect gift for everyone, the hot chocolate, the baking, the celebration of the birth of my hero!! I wish the spirit and the love and joy that are more prevalent at Christmas would last all year long!!


  1. Sounds like you've had a wonderful past few days. The convention sounded so much fun and it sounds like it completely rejuvinated your spirit. :) And what a sweet hubby for putting up Christmas lights. :)

  2. Yea for Clark!...Griswald that is. LOL How sweet of hubby to hang those lights for you. I love it!

    As for our meeting...Ditto :)

    So sorry that your partner in crime at work is not there today. Bummer! But on the bright side, go steal his couch :)

    And I know you had a blast at the convention!

    As for Christmas, the spirit is here and it feels good. We've hung garlands and a wreathe and a tree may be in the mix this weekend :)

    Love you to the Moon and Back too!

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I just love the picture of you and Andrea. So cute! I'm certain you two had a great time together :)

    I too love Christmas and have finally finished decorating as of tonight. Yay! I love the finished product, just not the decorating itself! And yes, I too am loving the Christmas music!

    I have moved my blog yet again and didn't move it properly so I lost my followers. Please visit me at

    Take care hon. PS - sorry about the LSU game :(

  4. You've been a busy bee! Bummer about the tigers. Happy early Christmas... I'm streaming all the Christmas tunes Russell can handle. =)

  5. Fun, fun, fun!!!! Love that you and Andrea got to meet and had such a wonderful, wonderful time. Isn't that such a blessing?

    Also, jealous of all those musicians you were jamming with!! I bet it was such an amazing experience!

    I love being able to 'hear' the joy in your words. I know it doesn't mean that life is perfect, but it is so nice to know and be reminded that we are given so much in this world and that though our hearts experience heartbreak like you read about, there is restoration and redemption and the ability to open up for more joy. I'm so thankful for it for you and the experiences you are having and the glee of which you are obviously so immersed!!!!


  6. As Lori said, you do sound amazing...happy even. Love the fact that you were able to spend time with a fellow BLM. I know how much it means to me... Take care with all of the busy holiday weeks coming up. (((hugs))

  7. #1.5 - Got to spend the night with my ridiculously awesome friend of 20 years, Heather, and her 2 crazy, yet adorable kids. Which was, of course, the highlight of the trip and intentionally left out on original post so as to not make everyone else feel upstaged. Even read Lilliana a book!

    hehe! jk!

    love you!

  8. How fun that you got to meet Andrea. So glad you two were able to connect in person finally. Maybe we can all hang out someday. She has to come to Texas eventually!
    How sweet of your sweetie to hang the lights.

    We aren't even hanging lights this year or putting up a tree. We are going to Michigan for a week and I figured we won't be here for Christmas and by the time we get back it will be time to go back to school. I don't even have my regular decorations up yet. I've just been too busy with other stuff.