"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Sunday, January 30, 2011


This weekend I headed home for a short trip. Friday night I went to dinner with my sweet friends, Stephane and Shawn, both are preggo too, so we had a table of the pregnant women, drinking loads of water and discussing all things baby. It was fun. I was more than fun actually, it was home, which is the ultimate.

Funny, but I was still home on Saturday and I was already homesick. I miss that luxury of having the best friends in the world around that have known you for years and you don't have to explain lots of things to them. These two girls (along with quite a few others) know so much about me and the comfort of being in their company is something that I desperately miss. I didn't even realize how much I missed it until I realized that when I lived at home I did this ALL the time. Now, I spend a lot of time at home--alone, which I have come to love too, but I seriously miss my girls. I miss my godchildren, who get cuter and bigger everyday. Guy is almost SIX, seriously--SIX!!! It was just yesterday that he was two and we had this funny exchange...

Guy: DeeDee, when we're done (he was in the bath), you can dry me off, put lotion on me, then put on my jammies and we can get it the bed and have smooches!!

Me: (speechless)

Later I'm tucking him in and he puts his hand on my face (I'm not making this crap up) and says "DeeDee your eyes are so green". He's our little charmer! Now he's halfway done with kindergarten. Then there's Henry, the younger one, who is seriously probably the cutest kid in America. Recently his mom posted a picture of him with a busted lip, patch on his eye (costume piece), and a band-aid on his chin. When I asked what was going on she said he reported that they were "hunting bears and bugs" in the backyard! This one is tough as nails, and is gonna give them a run for their money for years!!

I miss my parents! I miss that luxury of just popping by their house and getting a hug from my daddy or having my mom tell me that I'm right (doesn't matter the subject, just that she agrees!). This weekend I finally put Texas tags on my car (cue the tears), though I did special order LSU tags, so it's not as bad, but I was missing the bolts for the front tag (Texas--ughhh!). So, while I was home my dad had extras and put it on for me, he didn't like how the bolts were rusty and looked yuck against my gleaming white new tag, so he spray painted the bolts white--yep, that's what daddy's are for (and yes, I'm 31 years old! I'm grateful).

I SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY miss my sister. She's my built in best friend and we like to do the same things. I know that if she were here I'd be exercising more, because she would workout alongside me, even if I were going at a slower pace! She's going to be the best aunt ever and Cala already loves her I know it! So, I'm asking a big favor that you pray that her husband would find a job WAY closer to us so that I can see her more often and she can be involved in everything Cala!

So, that's it, I'm homesick and miss my people! Luckily, one of my most favorite people is coming to stay with me this weekend! Thanks Shawn for being my house guest--AGAIN!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm a firm believer that no one can 'take' control over you. You must 'submit' to their control and while sometimes it's easier said than done, I prefer not to let people control my thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. Typically, it's very easy for a family member to have control over you, generally just by their relation to you. I mean, your parents do have control over where you go, and what you do, but not necessarily how you feel about yourself. There are some really great parents out there who compliment and support their children all the time, yet these kids still feel incompetent or ugly or dumb, etc. Obviously the opposite is true as well, there are hateful abusive parents who end up with very well adjusted children. I don't think that it's always a conscience decision to let someone control how you feel about yourself or a situation, but others do influence us, and sometimes it requires a fully conscious decision to listen (in good cases) or not listen (in bad cases).

Where did this random thought come from you might ask? Well, first from working with youth and seeing how they view themselves in relation to what others say about them, or how their peers treat them. It often breaks my heart to see young men/women who are so self-conscious or lack self-esteem when they have so very much to offer. I pray that as I interact with these kids I can help be that influence of positive self-image, or can foster a focus on things that they are very good at.

Me, personally, I'm no athlete, very poor coordination, but I've found that I can be a runner (and typically am, though a slow one, which is fine with me!). My parents fostered in my sister and I both that we were smart, we could/should/would do well in school, we would attend college, and we could be anything that we put our minds to--that paid off for both of us. Rene' (my fab sister) is much more athletic than I am, but she's very good at encouraging me in our running endeavors, but the fact that we both focused and excelled in academics and did strive for athletics, I believe has a lot to do with how we were raised. (I have no problem with that, just making a point).

The second reason I was thinking about this is because of the way that my emotions and thoughts have been affected by our failed adoption. I am very guilty of allowing that girl (supposed birth mother) way more control over me than I'd like to admit, but since I'm honest on here, I'm outing myself! I let her ruin my view on private adoption and cause me to be much less trusting overall, and even to taint the name we had picked for our baby. In the past few days I've decided to take back that control, and while our private adoption went poorly (and I think all birth mothers should have a background check in these cases), that doesn't mean that all will. I am a trusting person, and I don't want that to change about me, I'm not naive (as I had my suspicions about that girl from the get-go, hence my intense record keeping!), but I generally trust until you give me a reason not to (i.e. extorting money from me) and I prefer to stay that way. in addition to that I am well aware that birth mothers are not evil people out to scam you for money, this girl was a criminal, not a mother (so all birth mothers, know I very much respect you for the choices you make and the sacrifices you endure for your children). And as far as the name we had picked out last summer, we are still using it, that was not her child's name, but was for our child one day, whenever and however that happened.

Not gonna lie, it feels really good to relinquish that control. That does not mean we will not continue to pursue our case, we definitely will see it through to the end. I believe that while the whole experience was nightmare-ish, that was God's plan for us, and we are serving a purpose by keeping her from putting anyone else through such a nightmare.

I am in control of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My new necklace

Here is my beautiful necklace from Lisa Leonard...

Isn't it beautiful?!? Thanks Lisa!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quick update...

Been traveling so didn't update immediately, but my sweet friend that had the birthparents pick them...


Hallelujah--God is good! Thank you for the prayers and love!!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can you pray for another friend?

My sweet bloggie friend at Thoughts From a Blonde got THE CALL on Sunday!! Yep, for those of you who've been there or are dreaming of being there, a birth mother picked her and her husband! I'm so happy for them that I was almost in tears when I heard!!! She has been a great support to me and lots of people through this journey, and I've been praying like a loon for them to get their perfect baby!! Please pray that all goes smoothly and that the birth parents sign over their rights tomorrow and J & B get to pick up their bring home baby and bring her home FOREVER tomorrow!!!! You can go visit them and wish them luck!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Bloggie Friend!!!

I'd like to ask you to go visit my sweet friend, Alisa, who just joined the blogging community! She's a fellow BLM and IF sufferer and a great woman of faith! You'll love her I know! She's currently starting fertility treatment and I'm sure could use some love and support, so head over to The Brogden Report (isn't that cute?!?) and welcome her to this great group of women who have helped me so much over the last year+!

Again, I must say how much this community has meant to me and how much you have helped me this past year!! Thank you all for your love and support!

Another story...

I have this sweet friend who was a huge help to me this summer without having to be at all. I feel such a great debt to her, as she helped me out when she barely knew me and I think she is a phenomenal person!!! We were connected by a mutual friend because she was in the process of adopting too and we bonded over that. When I tell you she is one of the sweetest people I know--I'm serious, I'm not sure there is a mean bone in her body!! November she and her husband were matched with a baby through the state's foster-to-adopt program and have had that sweet baby for almost 2 months now!! They are in love and over the moon! I ask that you join me in praying for them and for this sweet little baby girl, that they will be her forever family! They are cherishing every day that they have with her and are praying for 'one more day' each day. Please join me and them in this prayer, as this baby would be soooo blessed to be in this family forever! Her faith and her husband's faith are so strong and such a testament to how good God is and how trusting Him, though it's not always an easy road, will eventually lead to the best possible outcome! Their situation is currently temporary, so I don't want to reveal names, but God will know, so hit your knees for them!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I LOVE Louisiana

I'm sure if you've read much of this blog you know I'm from Louisiana, and that I love Louisiana. I love the people, the spirit, the food, the festivals (that are all about the food), the customs, the food, the spanish moss, the trees, the history, the crooked politics, the food, that my husband is from south Louisiana (which for those who don't know that is a complete other world and I'm a yankee since I'm from above I-10), that my husband can cook a jambalaya or gumbo that will make you want to kiss him (but you better not try LA girls have tempers of fire), the food, the diversity, and the football---LSU and Saints!!!!!

Today my FIL came in town bearing wonderful treats, first goodies from their organic garden (these veggies make others taste like crap), and meat!! He brought alligator sausage, boudin, and more boudin--yummy! I think you may have seen that the thing I love best is the food! It's nice to have things from home and to get to enjoy them here in the lone start state.

Another shout out to friends who are wanting to adopt!!! Please go onto facebook and like Help Andrew and Leslie Adopt a Child! Sweet friends from home have been through their own very trial filled road and they deserve a child and happiness as much as any people I know!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keep your ears and eyes open...

My sweet blog friend, Summer, has an adoption website that is now up. I know lots of people read this blog and don't comment much, but please please Keep Your Antenna's up for my sweet friends!!! This is how we got the word out about our desire to adopt last fall and I know it can work!

You can go to and see their profile, and if you 'hear' of a birth mother considering a great family for her baby--pass this quick easy information on to her ASAP!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I love winning!!!

Today I won a necklace from Lisa Leonard, you must go check out her site!! Such great stuff, you will want to buy something immediately and she's adorable on top of that!

She did a giveaway for her most recent design, which was for your 'word of the year', and my word was/is EXPECTANT. I'm expecting good things for me and for those that I love, which includes all of you. I can't say enough how grateful I am for the love and support of my blog friends, you are amazing. Your comments, your love, and your prayers have helped me through some very rough times, that I'm not sure how I would've navigated without you!!

Also, please go by and visit my sweet friend, Lori if you're able to see new babies. Lori lost her baby Matthew last year, and gave birth to Luke on the 4th. Their story is heart-wrenching and inspiring!!!

And for those of you who want to follow the pregnancy part of the story, I did start my new blog...

Come follow along if you want, but don't feel bad if you can't, I do seriously understand!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let it snow!!!

Snow in Tyler, TX? Yep! It's a rarity, but it's happening! So what about all of that global warming...


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adoption Scam update

We received a letter in the mail today informing us that the girl who called herself our birth mother is still in jail, and will be there with a parole option not coming until 2013. If she were to serve her full sentence, she'll be there until 2020, but that is highly unlikely as it's based on behavior, and we've learned she's a very good actress (unless of course you don't give her the amount of money she wants for a car). This sentence has NOTHING to do with the charges we brought against her, it is for previous offenses (including a previous adoption scam). We are still waiting waiting waiting for how they handle our charges and what the outcome of that will be.

These are my thoughts on this notice:

1. I'm glad they are keeping us informed as to her whereabouts.
2. I think she deserves to be there for a super super long time.
3. Her poor daughter doesn't have a mother, she'll be at least 3 before her mom even has a chance to get out of jail (on this sentence only). Please pray for her, as I can't imagine how this will affect her whole life. Nor how it would/will affect her to hear why her mom is in jail.
4. I'm still mad almost daily. The feelings I have for this woman are not quite to hate, because I don't put that much effort into it, but I get pissed on an almost daily basis when I think about the things that she lied to me about and how she manipulated us, and the situation she's left her child in.

I pray no one else goes through such a thing, though unfortunately through blogging, I know I'm not the only one to experience this.

My positive thoughts from this:
1. I'm glad she's off the streets and can't do this to another family, and I won't rest until I know that justice has been served and that no one else can be harmed by this one person. That being the result of our pain gives it meaning and makes me happy that we could help in some way.
2. If we hadn't suffered this we would never have sought out a new RE and would not be expecting, so God does bring good out of bad always! He is good all the time!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Loss

I've been wanting to write a post for a few days now to explain why this blog will NOT be about my pregnancy. It is with much sadness that I ask you to go send love to my sweet friend, Summer, as she has lost her baby. Her year has been so hard with so much loss and her spirit and beauty continue to shine through all of it! Please send her some love

This is why my blog isn't about baby, because there are still so many people hurting, losing, and missing babies. IF is not something that goes away, you don't forget it because you get pregnant, you don't forget the babies you've lost, and your heart never stops feeling for people who experience what you've experienced!

If people want to follow my pregnancy I'll be making another blog soon, but I can't have this one causing pain to those who already hurt so badly!


Sunday in the Dome

Yesterday we went and saw the World Champion New Orleans Saints play in the Superdome!

It was glorious, yes, we lost, that sucked, but we're a wildcard for the playoffs!

The thing is, I LOVE football! The atmosphere, the competition, the fans, the yelling, the gross food (which is much better there what with the smell of jambalaya!!), the passion of the fans and players, really the whole experience! It's exhilarating!

My dad got us tickets, so it was family affair, me, hubby, sister, BIL, mom and dad, and two of their friends! It was fun, just fun!! I wish NFL didn't play on Sundays (Saints mostly at noon), so I could go to every game and not have to miss church too!

I was super pumped that hubs got to go too, since he misses a lot of the fun working!

Loved getting to see my sister again too...

So for now I'll leave you with 2 things...

1. If you are a Saints fan with kids buy the book One Dat, Two Dat, Are You a Who DAT??? you won't be disappointed!

2. Geaux Saints, you can Two Dat!!!! Who Dat?!?!?