"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Sunday, January 30, 2011


This weekend I headed home for a short trip. Friday night I went to dinner with my sweet friends, Stephane and Shawn, both are preggo too, so we had a table of the pregnant women, drinking loads of water and discussing all things baby. It was fun. I was more than fun actually, it was home, which is the ultimate.

Funny, but I was still home on Saturday and I was already homesick. I miss that luxury of having the best friends in the world around that have known you for years and you don't have to explain lots of things to them. These two girls (along with quite a few others) know so much about me and the comfort of being in their company is something that I desperately miss. I didn't even realize how much I missed it until I realized that when I lived at home I did this ALL the time. Now, I spend a lot of time at home--alone, which I have come to love too, but I seriously miss my girls. I miss my godchildren, who get cuter and bigger everyday. Guy is almost SIX, seriously--SIX!!! It was just yesterday that he was two and we had this funny exchange...

Guy: DeeDee, when we're done (he was in the bath), you can dry me off, put lotion on me, then put on my jammies and we can get it the bed and have smooches!!

Me: (speechless)

Later I'm tucking him in and he puts his hand on my face (I'm not making this crap up) and says "DeeDee your eyes are so green". He's our little charmer! Now he's halfway done with kindergarten. Then there's Henry, the younger one, who is seriously probably the cutest kid in America. Recently his mom posted a picture of him with a busted lip, patch on his eye (costume piece), and a band-aid on his chin. When I asked what was going on she said he reported that they were "hunting bears and bugs" in the backyard! This one is tough as nails, and is gonna give them a run for their money for years!!

I miss my parents! I miss that luxury of just popping by their house and getting a hug from my daddy or having my mom tell me that I'm right (doesn't matter the subject, just that she agrees!). This weekend I finally put Texas tags on my car (cue the tears), though I did special order LSU tags, so it's not as bad, but I was missing the bolts for the front tag (Texas--ughhh!). So, while I was home my dad had extras and put it on for me, he didn't like how the bolts were rusty and looked yuck against my gleaming white new tag, so he spray painted the bolts white--yep, that's what daddy's are for (and yes, I'm 31 years old! I'm grateful).

I SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY miss my sister. She's my built in best friend and we like to do the same things. I know that if she were here I'd be exercising more, because she would workout alongside me, even if I were going at a slower pace! She's going to be the best aunt ever and Cala already loves her I know it! So, I'm asking a big favor that you pray that her husband would find a job WAY closer to us so that I can see her more often and she can be involved in everything Cala!

So, that's it, I'm homesick and miss my people! Luckily, one of my most favorite people is coming to stay with me this weekend! Thanks Shawn for being my house guest--AGAIN!


  1. What a coincidence! I went home this weekend, spent time with awesome friends, and wonderful family and got homesick, too! And I totally miss my sister, too!! I sure hope your sister's husband gets a job close to you. Seems like that would be great for you. And probably me, I mean, your sister, too.

  2. Nothing feels as good as going home:) It's a feeling unlike any other. No matter where you live or who lives near you, Cala will be surrounded by love. It was just be that much sweeter if your sister were near:)

  3. I relate to this post so much! I only live 1.5 hours from where I grew up, but I miss so much just being able to see my parents as often as I want. And not only that, but many of my best friends. . . the kind where you can just catch up after not seeing for a while. . . live all over the world at the moment. So I also spend a lot of quiet time with myself, which is nice. . . but not the same. I totally know how you feel, and am glad you enjoyed your time home. :)

  4. Home is always HOME....I miss my people too! So I can totally relate. Here's to praying that your fab sis moves closer to you :) BIG HUGS and LYTTM&B!


  5. I feel homesick just reading your post. I don't have any of those kind of folks in my life.

    So glad you do & that you appreciate them.