"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Bloggie Friend!!!

I'd like to ask you to go visit my sweet friend, Alisa, who just joined the blogging community! She's a fellow BLM and IF sufferer and a great woman of faith! You'll love her I know! She's currently starting fertility treatment and I'm sure could use some love and support, so head over to The Brogden Report (isn't that cute?!?) and welcome her to this great group of women who have helped me so much over the last year+!

Again, I must say how much this community has meant to me and how much you have helped me this past year!! Thank you all for your love and support!


  1. Deni-once again you mean the world to me-isn't it amazing how God puts some special people in your path! thank you for all you do--

  2. I love the friendships and support I see in the BLM community. It is the worst journey for someone to be on but it is wonderful to have so many loving people to hold you along the way. I am heading over to visit with you friend.

  3. Hey Deni,

    I tried to visit the page but it said that it doesn't exist.

  4. but i did click on her name on the comments here and accessed it from there though ;O)

  5. Heading on over to welcome her :)