"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adoption Scam update

We received a letter in the mail today informing us that the girl who called herself our birth mother is still in jail, and will be there with a parole option not coming until 2013. If she were to serve her full sentence, she'll be there until 2020, but that is highly unlikely as it's based on behavior, and we've learned she's a very good actress (unless of course you don't give her the amount of money she wants for a car). This sentence has NOTHING to do with the charges we brought against her, it is for previous offenses (including a previous adoption scam). We are still waiting waiting waiting for how they handle our charges and what the outcome of that will be.

These are my thoughts on this notice:

1. I'm glad they are keeping us informed as to her whereabouts.
2. I think she deserves to be there for a super super long time.
3. Her poor daughter doesn't have a mother, she'll be at least 3 before her mom even has a chance to get out of jail (on this sentence only). Please pray for her, as I can't imagine how this will affect her whole life. Nor how it would/will affect her to hear why her mom is in jail.
4. I'm still mad almost daily. The feelings I have for this woman are not quite to hate, because I don't put that much effort into it, but I get pissed on an almost daily basis when I think about the things that she lied to me about and how she manipulated us, and the situation she's left her child in.

I pray no one else goes through such a thing, though unfortunately through blogging, I know I'm not the only one to experience this.

My positive thoughts from this:
1. I'm glad she's off the streets and can't do this to another family, and I won't rest until I know that justice has been served and that no one else can be harmed by this one person. That being the result of our pain gives it meaning and makes me happy that we could help in some way.
2. If we hadn't suffered this we would never have sought out a new RE and would not be expecting, so God does bring good out of bad always! He is good all the time!


  1. I am so proud of you for seeing the positive side of this!! Way to go! ;-) Also, I am THRILLED that she is going to be in jail at least for that long...hopefully your charges will make it even longer! love ya!

  2. God is good ... all the time. Even when we don't understand why things happen he does. When we lost our triplets we played casting crown's "praise you in this storm" @ their funeral & that song is our family motto ... so happy your having a baby ...

  3. I am so thankful she is in jail. I too am sad for her baby, but she is where she deserves to be. I hope one day you can get through the day without wasting anytime thinking about her. I know it will take LOTS of time, but someday you will. I am just thrilled about the baby you are expecting and yes, God is good!! He has a way of making terrible things not so bad. :)

  4. So proud of you for choosing the high road in this situation. Praying for you daily!!!

  5. I'm glad she's still in jail...but I'm really sorry what she put you guys through first :(.

  6. Wow. I'm praying for that poor child who has no mother. You've done an amazing job weathering that whole ordeal, Deni. Great things are now on the way!

  7. I cannot even imagine the anger you must feel about this. And don't feel guilty for feeling anger for one minute. I remember you and I "meeting" in the blog world, because this birth mom was supposed to give birth to your child around the time my daughter was born. My heart broke for you. The amount of deception that she did. . . It is just hard to forgive.

    It's amazing how things work out though. I'm so happy how your story is playing out, I just wish you and others didn't have to be so hurt in the process.

  8. oh Deni !

    I get mad when only when I read about what she did to you and to her own child but you have lived this .It goes beyond my comprehension how someone can do something like this .
    I cant imagine what you have been through .
    Its wonderful though that it led you to a different path and I am praying for you miracle baby daily .I think your story illustates the mystery of life and Gods ways .

    I hope this woman will have plenty of time to contemplate her behaviour in jail and hopefully a miracle will happen and she will change her ways and be a better person ,I hope that for the sake of her child.

  9. I'm glad she is locked up! And I will keep that baby girl in my prayers...terrible thing for a mom to do to her own child!

    But I'm so glad the outcome turned out like it did in the end...with a Baby Trox on the way! :)

  10. Hi, I just found your blog through a mutual friend's. Just wanted to drop in and say hi! I look forward to following you. This adoption scam is crazy!


  11. See, this is what I love about you! You find a way to see the positives in an all around crappy situation. You're an inspiration Deni, I mean that! (((HUGS)))

  12. hi deni! you won a word of the year necklace on my blog. and it sounds like you can use a little encouaragement. wow! sending big hugs!! xxoo

  13. What a horrible situation ... and, her poor daughter ... it breaks my heart.