"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let it snow!!!

Snow in Tyler, TX? Yep! It's a rarity, but it's happening! So what about all of that global warming...



  1. How wonderful! Have your pooches been outside yet? Have they ever played in snow before?

  2. We're due the same sometime tonight! Can't wait, as I do enjoy a little of the white stuff ;) Just praying there's no ice.

    Have a decaf cocoa and stay warm!

  3. YAY! It is so pretty outside, but we need to make job/school closing announcements!!

  4. Isn't it great! Although at our house it snowed for about an hour then it turned to rain and now its just slush in the yard! We were hoping to get our pups out in the yard to play!

  5. We got 5" over this way. School is already cancelled for tomorrow. I'm not happy about that though. We just went back and have a work day this Friday and next Monday off. I'd much rather have that day in the spring than now. Oh well...I shouldn't complain. I do love the snow! :) Be safe if you get out tomorrow!

  6. We had snow in Valencia, CA last week. I even made a snowman on my patio. It was fantastic even if short lived.
    Happy New Year, gorgeous!

  7. Crazy! We've gotten very little - just barely a dusting or two. I'm thinking we're not going to have another snowpocolypse this year, but a few inches here and there would be nice. Kinda doesn't even feel like winter yet!