"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I LOVE Louisiana

I'm sure if you've read much of this blog you know I'm from Louisiana, and that I love Louisiana. I love the people, the spirit, the food, the festivals (that are all about the food), the customs, the food, the spanish moss, the trees, the history, the crooked politics, the food, that my husband is from south Louisiana (which for those who don't know that is a complete other world and I'm a yankee since I'm from above I-10), that my husband can cook a jambalaya or gumbo that will make you want to kiss him (but you better not try LA girls have tempers of fire), the food, the diversity, and the football---LSU and Saints!!!!!

Today my FIL came in town bearing wonderful treats, first goodies from their organic garden (these veggies make others taste like crap), and meat!! He brought alligator sausage, boudin, and more boudin--yummy! I think you may have seen that the thing I love best is the food! It's nice to have things from home and to get to enjoy them here in the lone start state.

Another shout out to friends who are wanting to adopt!!! Please go onto facebook and like Help Andrew and Leslie Adopt a Child! Sweet friends from home have been through their own very trial filled road and they deserve a child and happiness as much as any people I know!


  1. Yummy!! Enjoy your food....I'm jealous!

  2. Ah, makes me miss it even more! As you know, my household is reversed. I'm from south LA and my husband is the "yankee" from north LA. All that really means to us now is that I'm in charge of cooking the gumbo and jambalaya. :)
    Enjoy your taste of home!

  3. I too am a proud Louisiana girl! I love everything about it! I am from south LA as well, and it amazes me how different it is from the rest of the world! It makes me happy to know you appreciate and love this great state as much as I do!!!