"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Baker Update and a share

I just wanted to let any of you who were praying for that sweet baby Baker know that they now have a caring bridge site to keep people informed about his progress! That sweet boy is making progress and doing better each day, but days are hard for all of them. Please go give Drew, Abby, and Baker some love there...

Also, my kindred spirit, Andrea, had a great post today about infertility and I wanted to link it as well, so that you could check it out. Apparently the Today show had a segment about infertility today and it was very good and honest. For me (and most people who struggle with it) being pregnant doesn't make that infertility struggle go away, as a matter of fact, it's very apparent each day. We will most likely never go on to have any children 'the old fashioned way', which is still hard to accept, though probably better for us, since the pressure was ruining everything! Still those who have suffered from infertility, don't forget it, we don't just get pregnant and forget all that we've been through, it doesn't work like that!

Also, please continue to pray for my friend who had the d&c today. She is doing as well as she can be given the circumstances, but my heart breaks for her as I know she is feeling sad and not knowing where to go next! Pray for her family, especially hubby too, as they are very sad and heartbroken too!

I have other posts in my head on similar topics, but sometimes they are hard to write, so stay tuned!!


  1. Thanks for linking to Andrea's site - what a great piece. I suggested an online support group, anyone else interested?

  2. Continuing to pray for sweet baby Baker. And also for our precious friend whose heart is broken. I had a heart to heart chat with God last night and prayed for understanding and ask for him to hold her and hubby tightly in his grasp. My heart hurts so badly for her, as she's just the sweetest.

    On to the Today Show piece, I sobbed through the whole thing, as I re-lived all that pain again. And being prego doesn't make it go away does it :( Then I made the mistake of reading the comments and some ignorant people suggested adoption as a remedy to "get over" infertility. Those people need a good Louisiania tongue lashing from yours truly! If they only knew how heart breaking and painful adoption can be.

    Much Love my Kindred Spirit and thanks for linking to the story :)


  3. I went to Baker's caringbridge page, and look forward to continue following his journey and praying for him. What a beautiful and loved little boy. :) Now I must go read Andrea's page and see that Today story. :)

  4. Andrea is correct, Adoption is not a remedy to infertility. To be honest, we've looked into it, and it is so expensive that it in impossible for most of us. Private, christian adoption agency near us lists $10K as a start to get the paperwork done, do a homestudy, etc. That is JUSt a start. Adoption isn't as simple as people think!