"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two things I loathe...

Cancer and miscarriage! Today one of my favorite blog friends is going in for a D&C, which they will forever list in her medical chart as an abortion, I know because my chart says the same thing. For someone who has spent years trying to have a baby to have to see "recurrent abortion" on your paperwork is the definition of cruel to me! This is her second physical loss and third actual loss when you include her adoption that fell apart. It seems unfair and we all know this life is unfair, it's not the way God intended it to be! He made us for joy and we released evil and it's been steady at work ever since! this friend lost her mother to cancer on this day years ago and now she will walk out of the hospital she left her first son in today without her third child.

Then a friend of mine's dad was diagnosed with lymphoma last week. I know this disease, it took my grandmother when I was too young to understand, but I remember it hitting her liver and her being severely jaundice. The thing is my friend's mom has been battling breast cancer and it's reoccurrence for years and years now. Both parents with cancer, really?!? That's not fair either, life isn't fair!

I was watching Guliana and Bill last night that I have on the DVR and she's had both infertility with miscarriage and now breast cancer. Unfair, and yes, I like them, I love the honesty with which they share their lives and think that for Hollywood types, they're pretty good people!!

I wish miscarriage and cancer were things we read about in history books! Seriously?!? Why are they still around?!?


  1. I also hate those words. :( And I'm with you. . . I also like Bill and Guliana. They are two of the reality people that I like and respect. :)

  2. They are awful. Awful. Awful. I cannot wait until we are HOME!!!!! Child loss and cancer truly do make my stomach turn. Do you know my mom died 9 years ago today and johns dad died the day before Matthew did (3 years before). It's like a grandparent and a baby's death day bookend our years

  3. I totally agree as those two words have rocked my life and changed the person I am today. I love your sentence "I wish miscarriage and cancer were things we read about in history books" because dealing with them is something I would not even wish on my worst enemy (if I had one). It just sucks!