"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Home Study

For those of you who have adopted or know anything about it, you know that in order to be able to adopt you must first complete a home study. This is an intense interview and tour of your home. The interview basically asks you questions to determine your emotional stability, to make sure you're actually ready to adopt. Our social worker (we'll call her Sue), came this evening to do the bulk of our home study. She was delightful really, very encouraging, talkative, and engaging. I wasn't really nervous about this part, as I've been told by some people what to expect, and it held true to what I had been told. I'd say the biggest issue was that Sean and I like to talk, and often talk over one another, but that proved humorous, as it does in our daily lives.

One thing I will say about the interview was that is solidified what I already know about us as a couple, that being the following: we are strong, solid, funny, on the same page, ready to expand our family, and have similar expectations! It was fun to listen to Sean's answers and to give my own, to see what we agreed completely on, and to know where we differed, ever so slightly.

For those of you going through the home study process, don't be scared, don't freak out, your home doesn't have to be white glove clean (though you know my OCD made me have mine that way), and don't stress about being overly prepared. It was actually a good experience. Like I said, we got to talk about us, where we are, how we came to that place, and where we'd like to go. Social workers are amazing people, I've found that from the ones I know, the ones I've worked with, and the ones I've seen personally. I'm greatful for this experience.

I also feel so much better, as I feel like I've been proactive, like we're actually doing something to reach our goal of adoption. A few steps forward feels good! When you battle infertility, you aren't in control, you have no say so (really), and your life seems so up in the air that you're constantly clinging to anything you can control (i.e. my running entry). This feels good, it feels positive, it feels healthy and we are even more excited about the possibility of adopting. We can't wait to add to our family, and I've found that I am just adding little things to the baby closet when I see something.

The other thing that I did recently that felt positive and productive was to decorate the bathroom that will be the baby's whenever that day comes. I kept making myself put it off until we actually had a baby, but then decided that I wanted it cute either way, and why not get that fun and expense out of the way! I must say, I'm happy with the results and will try to upload pics later! I couldn't possibly start the nursery, as it will be different depending on boy or girl, so that's on hold for now, but I'm getting ideas still!! :)

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us today as we tackled this step, we greatly appreciate your love and support! Keep praying for the right baby to meet up with our family, we know he or she is out there!!


  1. Hi sweetie!
    I am so happy that this went well for you, another step in a positive direction, that is great! It's also great that you and hubby are on the same page :) I know there is a baby that will find their way to your loving arms, and I will keep praying it's soon!
    Love, Nan xo

  2. Deni,

    I am so glad that your homestudy went well. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Hugs and Much Love.

  3. I wanted to come and visit your blog, and let you know that I really appreciate the loving comment that you left for Isaiah, and the support that you gave about the horrible comment that was made to me.

    I started laughing when I entered your blog. For a minute, I thought that I was going back into mine. LOL I have to say... I like your background:)

  4. Yea! Mission Home Study accomplished! I can only imagine the thoughts that ran through the social workers head, knowing she had landed in the "perfect" home with the "perfect" parents :) You'll have a baby swimming in that tub and splashing about amongst that new decor before you know it...cause I believe :)

    Hugs and love to you, as I know its not easy, but we continue to stay strong and have complete FAITH and HOPE in all things good.

    Love you my Kindred Spirit!

  5. You and your husband are in my prayers. I know someone who has been through this and the home study, etc. I will continue to pray that God's plan shows through!

  6. How awesome to have taken this huge step and to get confirmation that you and your hubby are on the same page and working together toward parenthood. I'm so glad for you, Deni, and wishing you the very best!