"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monkeys and Moving forward

So in my last post I think I mentioned that I had purchased the monkey stuff that I wanted to put in the baby's bathroom. Actually, I just wanted the monkey stuff regardless, but it has started a little trend, wherein I'm just picking up little things that will one day belong to our baby. I'm not sure where our baby is right now, or when we'll be united with him or her (we could care less about gender), but it's kinda fun to do a little prepping for that special happy day whenever it happens!!

So, I'm going to post some pics of the bathroom and the cutest little monkey that I picked up at Lifeway today, that I just couldn't pass up!

In doing these things I feel like I'm moving forward. In looking around Lifeway today I wasn't sad when I came across the baby stuff, I was hopeful. Hopeful that there is a baby out there that is supposed to be part of our family and I got a little giddy thinking about it! It will be sooo fun to decorate and celebrate something we've waited for and prayed for for so long. My poor baby will probably grow to hate monkeys since I think they're so cute, but I'll keep getting them until he/she is old enough to pick something new! Of course, if we end up with a boy I think we'll have some serious talks about an LSU nursery (but I have some great monkey stuff picked out if we are blessed with a girl!!).

Sometimes it's so very hard to move forward when you feel so completely out of control, but I know that for today, that is what I need to do. It doesn't mean I don't miss my babies, or wish that things had turned out differently, but putting my focus elsewhere seems to be where God is calling me now.

Speaking of where God is calling me...Some of you know that my move was less than desireable on my part, but I will say with complete conviction now, that God has put me exactly where I'm meant to be for now!! Why do I say that?!? Well, this weekend I was part of a retreat to kick off a great girls youth ministry at the church here. We went out to a ranch, bunked up in cabins, had a guest speaker, no cell phone or electronics, great food, and just had girl/God time. It was glorious to say the least, and I felt very peaceful, like God had led me exactly where I am supposed to be (funny how that works!!). So, for now, while I am without my own biological children here on earth, I will love on these girls with all of the love that God puts in me!!


  1. Glad you had a nice weekend and i am glad you have found someways to move forward. I am happy for you. Just sending you some extra love and know that i am thinking of and praying for you . Hugs!

  2. p.s love the bathroom and the monkeys are so cute:)

  3. The monkey stuff is adorable! But, you know, I vote for an LA Tech room if you have a boy. :)

    How wonderful that you are getting plugged in right where you are! I know you will be a huge blessing to those girls.

  4. Prayers and hugs to you and Sean. You are an angel. E