"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Support group and meeting new friend

So, I'm sorry this has taken a while, but I've actually been busy!

Tuesday I met Britt at Starbucks before our support group, which is just awkward meeting someone new, like a blind date, but I've had to just learn to do that since the move, so it was not that big of a deal. Anyhow I met her and her sweet husband A, and they were both wonderful, as was her adorable Yorkie that I had to get a little love from before we headed off to the meeting.

The support group itself was great, it's just a nice, calm, serene setting where you can say what you feel. You can say the things that you can't say to people who haven't experienced this hardship, and it was freeing. It was nice to meet other people who are in different situations, but still understand the grief that comes from losing a child. All of the ladies were amazing, the group leader was phenominal, as she was just so peaceful! I recomment finding a group if you can and feel very blessed that Britt helped me find this one, and that we can share that experience together. I'll definately be going back!! Funny how I searched and searched for something like that back home, and never found it, and here it is just perfect in Tyler.

As for meeting a fellow blogger, that is just a great experience. It's like you just 'know' what the other feels like. Britt and I talked for forever after the meeting too, and found that we have tons of things in common, which was fun, funny, and eery (but not in a bad way!). We'll definately be getting together and doing more things and I'm grateful to have met her! Keep sending love her way too!!

On another note, I've been buying clothes for Cala, which is fun! And 2 of her 3 pieces of furniture is in, so we'll wait for it all to get here and have it delivered, so we're looking at maybe the second week in May. I'm excited about that part! Keep praying for us, baby mama, Cala, and all those out there who are working to make their baby dreams come true!!


  1. Hi Deni Fay,
    I've been catching up on your story slowly. I'm sending good thoughts and many prayers your way that Cala makes her way safely into your arms this July. We are in the beginnings of preparing for our sweet girl, too. It sure is fun, isn't it.
    One of my best friends is someone I clicked with at my support group. It's just so nice to have someone in your real life who gets you. She's really the only person I hang out with now.

  2. Yea! I am going to need to know what you are doing in Cala's nursery so that I can keep my eyes peeled for things she might need! I hope you won't mind terribly if I take to spoiling her when she gets here. I had lots of "girl" ideas and it will be nice to help fulfill some of those for Cala!
    P.S. I am planning to start my Couch to 5K "training" this evening! I even bought a new stopwatch and headphones!

  3. Aww---love that you found some real-life support and that Cala's plans are coming along. Every time I see Calla Lilies in the garden stores, I say a quick little prayer for your Cala and am so excited for you to bring her home and for us to celebrate!!
    Lots of love!

  4. So sweet that you and Britt were able to meet! I know that must have been so amazing. Will definitely be sending prayers your way for Cala etc.

  5. I knew you would have a wonderful experience!!! So happy for you honey...keep moving forward as you have been! So proud! Can't wait for Cala to arrive!!! Prayers, hugs and lots of love, Nan xxxooo

  6. YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY! I'm glad that your meeting went well and that you had a good time. I'm glad that the group meeting went well also. Sending you hugs.

  7. How exciting!! Sounds like a lot of fun meeting a fellow blogger. Especially one you have so much in common with. How exciting to be buying stuff for Cala! I can't wait for her to arrive. :)

  8. God forges friendships! "He" brings to us what we need....

    SO happy that you and Britt met and that you went to the support group with her. Awesome!

    And, yea! Cala's furniture has arrived...double Awesome! How sweet of Britt to want to spoil her and help you with ideas...she's a keeper! I do have to admit, I am jealous...jealous that I couldn't be there at Starbucks to meet you both!!! Tyler is not that far away and I may land on your door step :)

    Keep being good to yourself honey and we will keep praying for you :)

    I love you to bits. Forgive me being late on this post, as I have been catching up on blogs all day. Where did my week go?

    me xoxo

  9. So, so wonderful about Britt and the support group! It is so amazing how God puts people in our lives just when we need each other!

    Continued prayers for you and sweet baby Cala. I cannot wait to see the completed nursery, especially with her in it!!! Much love to you!