"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

My dad is an amazing Dad. He's always shown us how to love, how to be positive, how to look at the happier things in life. He is definitely one of my most favorite people. I'm blessed to still have him around, after suffering a heart attack in March (coupled with the fact that all the men in his family have dies early from heart disease). It is a very powerful feeling to know that your dad is there, that he loves you unconditionally, and that you can call him for anything. My dad's smile lights up a room, and he has a way of always putting a positive spin on even the worst things. I love that about him! Happy Father's day to my Dad, you are the best!

Sean is going to be an amazing dad, he was amazing while I was pregnant both times, and I watched his heart break as deeply as mine while he stood solid and firm beside me through both losses. I'm eagerly anticipating the day that he gets that opportunity, whether it happens soon, or if it takes a little longer. I know that one day he will get to teach our children the things that he was taught, and the things that he shows me. My husband's laugh is contagious, it is so loud, so boisterous, that you can't help but laugh when he does. I wish all of you could see him with our godchildren, Guy and Henry, who adore him, or with the girls, oh how the little girls love him, especially Audrey! She never fails to ask about "Doc" and she calls him on the phone all the time! He's just a big kid himself, so he gets into their world and fills it with his jovial spirit. My husband calls himself a realist, so sometimes he sees the glass as half empty, but he never fails to lift me up when I am down. He is strong, supportive, encouraging, funny, sweet, and kind. These traits along with his care-taking skills, his warmth, his passion for the things he loves, and his loyalty are going to make him a wonderful father to our children one day. Happy Father's Day to the man who is the father of my children!!


  1. So well said honey...and what a loving tribute to your Father and Sean.

    I hope to someday hear that infectious Sean laugh :) And, the photo of he and Henry is precious!

    Keep loving that hubby...the two of you can conquer anything, ANYTHING.

    Love you,

  2. sounds like you've got a keeper! :)

  3. How fortunate you are to have such a loving dad AND husband! Thinking of you and praying you will soon be able to share your home and all that love with your children. (((HUGS)))