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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pat Green

Last night was monumental in my little world. When I was in college my BFF, Carrie was dating this guy, and he loved Pat Green, so he introduced us to his music, and I must say I'm forever grateful for that share!

I've seen Pat in concert at least a dozen times. When I started listening to him he was on record label out of Texas and very few people outside of Texas knew who he was. I kinda like that! But now, he's a star, and he's made it big, including three grammy nominations for his song "Three Days". I love that song, but my favorite Pat song is "Crazy". It's good stuff. Pat's music is the kind you can listen to over and over and feel like it's your own story so many times.

So, last night after a benefit concert he did in Hallsville, TX, he announced that he would be signing autographs and such until he had done so for every person that wanted it. Needless to say, I was willing to wait as long as I had to. Luckily my partner in crime last night, Jenny, is just as big of a PG fan as I (we drug AJ along too, he might not have been as excited, but he was a trooper!), so we waited, got autographs, and pictures (though I don't know how to get my iphone pics onto here!).

And here's part of why I love Pat, the group two in front of us had a camera, and the battery died, so he stopped what he was doing, asked the girls in front of us to use their camera, and made them exchange emails, all so the boys could get the picture that they wanted. Nothing egotistical about him. Then a lady walked up to have her shirt signed, and he told her "I don't sign shirts on the front, my wife told me to only sign shirts on the back, and I do what my wife says!" Good call, Pat, good call! He was gracious and funny, and never acted impatient.

I've seen Pat a lot of times as I said earlier, and I'll continue to spend my money to support this Texas singer/songwriter. When Sean said we had to move to Tyler, I told him the best thing about Texas was Pat Green. I still feel that way!


  1. Love me some Pat Green!!! Vowed I'd never go to Rabbs again....but I will if Pat's in town!!!!

  2. Sweet Friend, so happy that you had such a good time :) Keep being good to yourself, my orders ;)

    Love you!!!

  3. Just stopping through to send you some love;)