"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sittin' by the Fire

This cold weather makes me unhappy! I don't like to be cold. I can't seem to get warm lately! When we moved in here last year we were busy, and let's face it, I was depressed and not doing much! So, our fireplaces never got inspected to make sure they were ok. Well, yesterday the nice Chimney Sweep guy came out and cleaned our chimneys--hooray! There was an empty squirrel nest, and he removed that, so tonight, I lit it up! Ahh the warmth!!!

I love a real fire with crackling wood, but our fireplaces have the fake logs, which I have to admit I like! No trudging outside to get wood, no mess, no overwhelming smell of fire in your hair and everything else!!! I'm happier than a clam in my red pjs Sean got me for our first Christmas and all of my animals sleeping around me! Nighty night!!!


  1. Nothing like a fire, surrounded by your furry babes. in your favorite jammies! Thinking of you and wishing you pleasant dreams and 'warmer' days!

  2. I love a fireplace with any kind of fire! So warm and cozy :). I have been pretty much huddled by our pellet stove the last few days :).

  3. I do NOT like the cold either!!!! We also have a gas fireplace--mostly because my asthma doesn't really appreciate the real-wood fire smell (although I do, but breathing is more important!)

    You sound SO cozy!!!! Enjoy!

  4. You've inspired me to scoop out the snow from our fire pit & roast some marshmallows. It's outside (boo), but I want to cozy up next to a fire now. =)

  5. Ohhhh how FAB! Sending you some virtual cocoa and marshmallows!

    I had Nicholas get our fireplace going too, as I constantly stay COLD. And I thought hormones were supposed to make you hot? LOL

    Love you my kindred spirit :)
    ps y'all snug in and have a great weekend

  6. Sounds like a good nights sleep. Sending you hugs and lots of love.

  7. We use the fake logs too - just as pretty!