"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Thursday, December 17, 2009


So, this whole adoption process is a confusing one on the outset. We are looking into attorneys, and have gotten some good info on some agencies. Everyone has a story or an experience to share when it comes to adoption. It's very uplifting to have so much support, love, and encouragment coming from so many people. For that I am greatful!

Sorting through all of the information and making the best decision for our family is taking some time, but I've had some really helpful people give me advice and phone numbers, and share their stories.

At this point we are trying to spread the word amongst all of our friends, relatives, and co-workers (that would be his!!), as we believe that is the best way to get the word out and possible locate our own birthmother. It is legal in the state of Texas to advertise yourselves for adoption, but that just feels a little strange, listing in the paper or classifieds that you want to adopt, though I'm sure that it would be very effective. At this point, Sean is not really comfortable with doing just that. We're continuing to pray and know that God will give us a baby in His timing. At this point, it's been so long of a wait that we're not sure what that even means, but we're hopeful!

For any of you who have done domestic adoptions, which is what we are interested in at this time, tell us your story, we'd love to hear it!!

Thank you all so much for your love support and prayers as we embark on this new journey!!

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  1. Hello My Kindred Spirit,

    Sending you love and continued prayers, as I know the desires of your heart will come true. We don't always know "his" plan, but I have to believe he directs our steps. Keep making strides to collect information and talk to others who can lend their support to you along your jouney. If I have learned anything through my short time blogging, I've found wonderful, compassionate, kind individuals willing to lend an ear and help me along the will find the same.

    Sending you love, hugs and most of all PRAYERS,