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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Adoption specifics in Louisiana

We are adopting in Louisiana, and I have to say that for those of you who know me, that makes my heart smile a bit, as Cala will be born at the same hospital I was! How cool, huh?!!?

So, someone asked about why it takes so long in Louisiana. Who the heck knows, but in that state, the time for finalization of the adoption is one year after placement. I know in Texas it's only 6 months, and since my friend lives in Alabama, but did her adoption in Louisiana (she's from LA too!), there it is just a matter of you getting in front of a judge to finalize it, so that can be really quick (in Alabama). Every state is different, each have different laws, as to what you can provide a birthmother, if they do a paternal registry, how long it takes to finalize, etc. If you're interested in knowing more, there is a great chart in "The Idiot's Guide to Adoption" that lists some basics from state to state. It's good information to have.

We could move our adoption to Texas, in order to have it done faster, but that would require another attorney and more paperwork, who needs that, right?!?! So, we'll be official about a year after placement, though our hearing last week made us the legal guardians until then (after the birthmother signs over her rights). Another interesting fact, that I did not know is that the baby will not have our last name initially, that will also be official in a year, when the adoption is final. I will say I didn't love that, but I'm pretty sure they go by both names until then. She will have a new birth certificate issued with us listed as her parents, and giving her our last name. Interesting facts for you there.

If you ever have any other questions, please ask and I'll share whatever I know. I'm happy to help someone else with some of the background work for this process.

I have almost finished Cala's nursery, but I'm not posting pictures yet, I won't until it's done. Why? Because I'm OCD, and I want you to see the finished product! But I will say this... It is SOOOOO CUTE!!!!


  1. I cannot wait to see pictures of the nursery! I would be the same way about posting. I know it is going to be amazing!

  2. Can't wait to see pics of the nursery!!

  3. Ditto, the nursery is SO CUTE! Well, actualy its FAB and Cala is going to love it :)

    Love you sweet friend!

  4. YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY! Go Deni, Go Hubby, Go Cala! Can't wait to see the nursery! HUGS!

  5. So excited for you guys! We have to wait for pictures of the nursery? You're keeping us on the edge of our seats! Can't wait!