"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Names

What's in a name? Usually a lot!! I know that trying to pick a girl name for Sean and I was a tough thing to do. I've heard countless stories of the arguments that couples have over what to name their children. Also, I feel it's inevitable, if you have a name you've agreed on for one sex and not the other, you're gonna get 'the other'. I have a huge fascination with middle names, likely if you've met me and known me for any amount of time, I've asked you what your middle name is. Then I like to know the stories behind them, if there are any. So, here's the story behind Cala's name and my own...

Cala is Greek for Beautiful, who doesn't want a name that means beautiful?!?! In picking that name, it was one that Sean didn't immediately veto, and I'd been mulling it over for a while, so I was just praying that he'd cave (I mean agree)!! Recently, I was at my sister's house in New Orleans (one of my favorite places in the world), and she had this 'Cala' doll (it's a porcelain figurine, like 2" tall, pictured above). She is the 2010 Cala Lady, Vendor of rice cakes. I'm linking an article from that gives the history that was included in our figurine! Esentially, it is like a beignet, but made with rice that is generally left over from the night before. I don't love history in general, but Louisiana history moves me, so I'm excited about this!! We'll be putting our little Cala Lady on Cala's bookshelf! My mother-in-law is from NOLA and I know she has a million and one stories about this great city and I can't wait for her to share them with Cala!
Also, it's like the lily, and in reading this summer a new book by one of my favorite authors, Rebecca Wells (i.e. Ya Ya Sisterhood), her main character was named Calla Lily Ponder. It just solidified the name as I read it chapter after chapter and fell in love with the lull, the southern sweetness that it seemed to posess! My biggest fear was that this book would, too, become very popular and people would start using the name all over the place (like Lillie, after SATC!). So, here's hoping it stays somewhat unique!!

As for Fay, well that is my middle name, and was my Granny's middle name. Granny had a hideous first name, so she went by Fay and I think my mom made her day (if not her whole life) when she chose that for my middle name. I get traits from her that are endearing (and some that may not be so). She used to tell me that I could be anything I wanted to be, that I was beautiful, and as we watched Miss America together each year, she'd tell me I could be Miss America if I wanted to! I'm quite certain she believed that with all her heart (nevermind that I haven't been a size 2 since infancy!!). I found a onesie that says "Miss America" in sequins, no less, you know I bought it for my little one! So, for me, using Fay as a middle name was a lifelong plan, something that was never a question! I never considered that someone else might argue with that, but Sean tried, and bless his sweet heart I think he thought he might win. This, though, as my dad would say "is non-negotiable" and it wasn't his mother!!

So, Cala Fay, lots of goodness to that name I believe, I hope she treasures it as I do mine!

My first name is actually Denise, which is the feminine version of Dennis, my dad's name, that's pretty self explainatory! His family called him Denny (and still does as do some of his old friends, so confusing!), and mom said she'd name me Denise and I could go by Deni. I love this name, though in 3rd grade I believed it was too childish, and asked to be called Denise (much to the confusion of my mom who came to pick me up from school, asked for Deni and was told there was no Deni there). That didn't last long, and now I prefer it, though my dad often calls me Denise, as does my friend Carrie. Throughout college lots of people called me Deni Fay, which I adore. I've always loved having a name that there weren't a lot of, even though I've always had to spell it for everyone!

So, that's in a name, lots of love, lots of history, and some character! I hope Cala Fay Troxclair loves her name as much as I do!!


  1. oh names are just so darn hard sometime. but cala fay is beautiful! I love it!!
    bf and I have been having such a hard time thinking of names as well.
    ones we agree on anyways

  2. I love the name Cala Fay & I have a feeling it will maintain its uniqueness! Very good choice.

  3. How could she not love it??? There's so much love and family history in it!!!! xoxoxo

  4. Such a beautiful background to the names that mean so much to you. I bet Cala will adore her name. I too am from Louisiana, about 2 hours from NOLA, so I understand the love and interest of the city as well as the history. It will be so exciting when Cala gets older to learn about her name.

  5. First, I love the new look! Second, You know how much I love the name Cala Fay! It is so feminine, pretty and special...just like I imagine she is going to be. Her name is just one of the millions of things she is going to be so thankful to her Mommy for!!

  6. I love the meaning of Cala's name! My middle name is Kim which is also my dad's middle name. I was suppose to be a boy so they were going to name me kim but changed their minds when they saw me, but Im not sure (other than the popularity of the name at the time) the story behind Jennifer. I wish I had a unique name like Deni though, I love that name!

  7. Oh, I loved this post. :) Choosing a name is so difficult. (And so fun!) I'm like you and want something meaningful, which can make the process more difficult. I think the name Cala Fay is beautiful though. :)

  8. Great post! Naming your child is so difficult. I am with you on choosing a name that is meaningful. You have done a great job with Cala's is so beautiful. I love how you are named after your dad and grandmother. Andrew is named after both of his grandfathers. Andrew in French is Andre' (my dad's name) and Kirtland is my father in law's name. I must ask...What is your grandmother's hideous first name? :)

  9. I love it! Cala is such a beautiful name and very unique. Pair it with Fay which has such a special meaning behind it...what's not to love??

    BTW...thank you for your comments on the names we are thinking of. The GiGi books you mentioned are the same ones I saw in my classroom!

  10. I absolutely love it, Deni Fay! :) I'm sure Cala will love hearing about why you chose her name. Cala Fay has such a nice ring to it and I already know she will be so special and so loved.

  11. My Kindred Spirit,

    This post made me giggle and made me so happy! I love saying Cala's name and can't wait to see the little girl that is going to boast this name sake. Your Granny'd be proud :) And, Miss America in sequins, I want that picture!!!

    Love you sweet friend and love your little Monkey...just can't wait to meet her :)

    ps lovin' the daisies!

  12. Oh my little niece is going to have so many thing with he name plastered everywhere!!! It's going to be fabulous!

  13. What a great post! I hate we didn't hang out more in college, but I just love reading your blog. What a special mama sweet Cala Fay is going to have!!!