"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Monday, August 16, 2010

Service Men and Women

So, I have always truly valued those who serve this country. My Dad served in Viet Nam, as did my Father-in-Law. I have lots of friends whose family serve our country, and I know what a sacrifice it is for all of the family, not just the ones serving.

Tomorrow that service steps much closer to home for me. One of my youth is like family to Sean and I, kinda like a much younger brother. I adore him and he even lived with us for a little while when we moved to Tyler, his name is JZ, and tomorrow he leaves for Army basic training. To say that I'm proud of his decision would be a serious understatement. I know that his desire and passion for serving our country are straight from God and that he's put a lot of thought and prayer into this decision. I've watched him grow up so very much this last year and can't wait to see all that God does in his life! Please pray for his safety as we continue to pray for the safety of all of those who serve our country! Also remember his family when you are praying, as it's hard for all of us to see him leave! We will miss him terribly. We are blessed that so many put their lives on the line so that we can live a life of freedom, one that I think we too often take for granted!

Thank you God for our freedom and the people who help protect it!

**Above are just a few of my favorite photos of him! Top: Him at the first trip I went on with the youth group, yep, his hair is in a mohawk with lifesavers on the spikes (It's amazing I liked him at all after he gave me that look all week!). Left: Me, Him, and Derek at Camp Eagle. Right: being silly hanging out on one of our last nights before moving!


  1. What a brave young man! I admire him so for his decision. I pray that God will watch over him in all that he ever does. God bless him.

  2. I will be praying for JZ's journey. As you know, I have a brother in the service and I could not be more proud of his decision to serve our great nation. JZ will go forward to do great things and I will pray that God light his way and hold him in safe keeping.

    Love you to the moon and back sweet friend!

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Of course we are highly biased :) but always, always, always proud of our military and praying for them daily!

  4. Praying for him and all his family!