"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Special post

So, before Sean left last week, he came into the bathroom while I was blow-drying my hair and handed me a bag with a bit of a sullen look on his face. I opened it and inside were this bracelet and a matching necklace. Let me just say that pearls are my favorite stone ever because my mom has always called me her "pearl girl". So, this jewelry set was very precious, as it was made of pearls and has Calla Lillies on it. He said it bought them intending to give it to me after the adoption, but since that didn't happen he had been wondering when would be a good time to give them to me. I could tell he was sad, and then he said that he is sad and having a hard time with all of this. He told me "I just hope maybe this can bring us some good karma!". I told him that we will still have "our" Cala one day, some way, some how! Needless to say, I treasure this jewelry far above lots of other things I've received. My husband is a doll and very sweet, though sometimes other people don't see it. I'm very blessed to have been given the gift of him to walk this very hard road with, as I don't know how I would navigate it all without him.

I must also give a big shout out to Emily for picking this set out in New Orleans and calling Sean to tell him about it and "suggest" that he buy it!! Thanks E-Lee for that and for being a great friend!

I've gotten multiple compliments each time I've worn the set and I just love it!! Very special, and I continue to pray for our Cala Fay and wait for her arrival into our lives, in God's perfect timing!


  1. Your husband sounds very sweet, and you guys are so lucky to have each other. I'm sorry for the pain both of you guys are going through. Becoming a parent shouldn't be this difficult. :( I know it will happen for you guys though. I just know it.

  2. What a sweetheart. They're beautiful! I know I sometimes forget how hard our loss has been for my husband. We are very lucky to have such loving husbands. xo

  3. How beautiful! Your husband sounds like a great man! You are lucky when going through a tough situation to have great husband, as am I :)

  4. Sweetest Kindred Spirit,

    This brings me to tears, as it just tugs at my heart strings. How incredibly thoughtful that he bought this for you. And even though things did not work out according to plan, I do believe in "his plan", his perfect plan. Wear these beautiful pearls as a "sign" of what is to come. There are some amazing things on the horizon for The Troxclair Family! Look at the strides you have made already and be proud of yourself for being so tenacious. And just BELIEVE.

    The "real" Cala Fay Troxclair will come home to you very soon :)

    Love you sweet friend and I'm glad to have you in my life.


  5. They are beautiful and your husband is so sweet. Andrea is right, wear them for what is to come, because we know the REAL Cala will be with you before you know it. Praying for your decision my friend.


  6. Absolutely beautiful. Such a thoughtful gift that means so much now and I know you will treasure in the future! What a perfect gift to be handed down to Cala one day, too. Hoping and praying that you'll meet her soon.

    (Hope you have fun at homecoming! We'll miss it this year, but we did go last year for the first time in a long time. It was so much fun! Be sure and walk around the campus if you haven't been in a while. Maybe one year we can meet up there!)

  7. That is beautiful...I can't wait until you have your sweet Cala FAY!!

  8. It's beautiful. John bought a little diamond ring to for my wedding finger as a little 'thank-you' for Matthew...and he had the same-sounding disposition as he gave it to me after Matthew died. I told him I love it, and I do. It's my "Matthew" ring and it's priceless to me. Aren't we blessed with such strong and loving men in our lives???