"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LSU football

Since I said yesterday that I'd be writing about LSU football today, I shall not go back on my word. My first picture I did choose, for my Tyler friends, as yes, that is your very own Matt Flynn, I'm a huge fan! Being an LSU fan is truly something that 'happens' to you. This weekend I'll be going to see LSU take on Miss State with their annoying cow bells and hopeful optimism (Love you, Nicole!!). Usually a very fun game with similar fans who like to have a good time, talk a lot of trash, and truly love their teams. The following weekend will be LSU vs. West Virginia, and I've got no special thoughts about this game, as it's not annual or special in any way except that I get to go with one of my best friends, Shawn, yep, hubby and friend same name, super confusing (especially for her god-daughter--see last weeks Wordless Wednesday Pic #1).

The next weekend (yes, I'm a very lucky girl going to 3 back to back home games!) is very momentous for me, as it will be the Tigers taking on Tennessee. Why is this momentous? This was when my fan status 'happened' to me. One gorgeous fall evening in 2000, my fabulous roommate, Julie, and her family took me to my first ever game in Death Valley. Not being a huge football fan (I went to a high school with no football, and a college whose football leaves something to be desired, sorry to my Tech faithful fans, I'm not one), I wasn't as jazzed about the game as I was about the trip to Baton Rouge, which never disappointed! So, we're sitting around close to kick off debating if we were actually going to go to the game (that has never happened to any of us since), and decided that we would just go for the first half, what happened next was life altering for me. If you go to about 2:20 in this bottom video, you will see Toefield run in a 74 yard touchdown, that was the first play that I saw of that game, and I was hooked!!!!

So, to say that I'm excited to watch the boys take on TN again on October 2, 2010 (which is my Granny's birthday and she would be 88 years old) is an understatement! Not only that, I'll get to share it with a couple of my favorite people, my mom and dad, and also Johnny, Emily, and Shawn (nope hubby can't make it!). GEAUX TIGERS!!! I remain a fan through the good and the bad (i.e. watching us lose to Ole Miss last year=bad!). True Tiger fans stay purple and gold always! Excited about this season, even if it's not our best yet!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Granny!

    Sweet friend, have a Fab Tab time this weekend at the game...and the next and the next!

    Before you know it you are going to be planting those purple and gold pansies again! I so love the approaching FALL, though its still 95 degrees here in Memphis! I want FALL, real fall :)

    Love you to the Moon and Back

  2. Just wanted to say Roll Tide. :)

  3. Hey, lovely Deni, your team just beat my time. We are OSU Beavers.
    p.s. I cannot thank you for sharing your experience on my blog of wanting to be at *home*. Dear you, I am rooting for you in your journey. I hope with all my heart that your baby dreams and home dreams come true.xoxo

  4. I hope you have a great time this weekend and the weekends to come. Love you lots;o)