"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Is it Therapy or Is it running??

One of the best things about running is the conversation with friends while you're doing it! I harass some friends to go with me, just because I look forward to the conversations that will ensue! If I tried to tell you all of the things that my guh, Skinner, (above center) and I talked about this morning, you'd just plain fall out! It gets hilarious and serious out there on the trail. And when you run, sometimes you get loud, or maybe that was the conversation topic that got us fired up?!!? Either way, it's therapeutic. I believe having friends who will get out of their comfort zones, and ask you the really hard questions is invaluable. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Having a friend that loves you enough to tell you that they want you to talk to someone (i.e. a counselor), and not worry about if you get offended or mad about it, that's true friendship. When you laugh so hard you think you're gonna fall down while running (some of us are less coordinated than others), you know you're having a good time and a good conversation. And when you have already run and chatted for 8 miles, then you still stand around at the meeting place and talk some more, you know you're with friends!

Thank you to my runner friends, who push me farther than I would push myself, who ask the hard questions and truly listen to the answers, and who make me laugh so hard, it's a good thing I don't usually have a drink in my mouth!!

***The above picture is not from today, but those are two of my runner peeps that I love to pieces, Jennifer (aka Skinner) and Daniel. Also lots of love to Scott, Susie, Ford, Eric, and of course my sweet sister, Rene'***


  1. More power to ya! That is awesome that running is therapeutic to you. For me I think it would depress me LOL and put me in pain. I am enjoying writing though and planning to go back to Curves (a gym for women) when I feel healed from surgery. Losing weight would make me feel better about myself if nothing else :)
    Enjoy running :)

  2. I am totally with you on the convos during runs. I also cherish the friends I've made due to our love for running. The benefits of running are endless:)!!!

  3. You're totally inspiring Deni! I wish I had the motivation to get out there and run, LOL! I am a born clutz and would so trip over my own feet and be out of breath after a block, LOL! Friends like that are hard to find, sounds like you have a few great ones! I know I wouldnt be the person that I am today without mine in my life! *HUGS*

  4. Yes thank God for True friends. They are such blessings. Love you Lots and think of you. HUGS