"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Monday, September 13, 2010


Usually I don't care for Mondays. I'm not a morning person and it means getting up and coming to work, but today is different. I don't know why and I can't say what has changed, but I am in better spirits. The Cowboys losing last night really helped, but I think that it began in church.

Our pastor talked about interruptions, and I definitely feel that my life has been interrupted. My plans have been interrupted, and my heart has been interrupted. He said that interruptions are opportunities to trust God, and when you look at it that way, it really changes the whole feel of these unwanted things. Our entire adoption experience seems to have been an interruption on our lives, something very unwanted, something difficult and awful, leaving us again broken hearted. Still, it was a great opportunity to trust God, and we continue to do so. Firmly believing that our role in that whole experience was to put and end to the terror that horrible Darla was, so that no other family would have to suffer at her psychotic plots, too bad her hideous mother isn't locked up with her! It was an interruption and seems to have derailed our path to parenthood yet again, but sometimes we have to realize that God's plans are bigger than ours.

I will say that I never care for my sleep being interrupted (not sure if I've mentioned before how much I love my sleep), and with that said, my sweet hubby is headed for another sleep study tomorrow night. Praying we can get a solution to his snoring, so the sleeping won't be interrupted any longer!!

On a super happy note, I will be attending three, yes, three home LSU games the next 3 weeks. OH HAPPY DAYS!!! Geaux Tigers!! Too bad I can't grab a Saints game at the same time. Post tomorrow on football season and all the reasons why I love it!!!


  1. Sometimes interruptions are our biggest learning opportunities. Although as we're going through them, it is SO hard to trust the plan. Trust me, I had days where I was so angry because life was too full of interruptions, but in hindsight, things do happen for a reason. I hope the plan for your life and children reveals itself soon. I can't wait to "see" you as a Mom. :)

  2. I started to leave you a comment and just as I starting writing this song came on the radio...totally God! You may have heard it before...I had but had never listened to the words I guess. It's called "No Matter What" by Kerri Roberts. OK, my phone won't let me copy and paste the lyrics but please google the song and listen to the lyrics! It's exactly what you are talking about and exactly my prayer each and every day.

  3. My sentiments exactly. Sending you love and hugs.

  4. Thats inspiering words.Thank you for sharing .
    Im happy that you are happier today : )

    take care of you : )

  5. I am not a fan of interruptions either. Right now I'm just feeling like I wish my life would get going. I'm sick of all the waiting. I'm sick of everyone else having what I want. I know God's plan is better than mine and I do trust Him, but right now I'm just not happy about it. I'm just feeling kind of blah. Sorry to be a downer. I need to pray for some joy.

  6. My favorite part of this post = Taylor Swift and Kanye!

  7. The pastor at the church we attended Sunday (we currently don't have an "our" church) spoke of life plans & then what really happens. He had always thought he'd get married & have a family. No marriage, no family. Frankly, i lost the point of what he was saying. I think it had to do with God's love & God's plans.

    But his illustration touched me, for i'm so blessed to be the wife of my husband. He is so good to me, & if he is all the family i have for the rest of my life, then i'm blessed above all women. Not to say that i'm not really, really fighting with the fact that i'll be childless my lifetime, but that i do need to keep my eye on my blessings. :)

    I know we are in different places (for one, you are much, much younger than am i). I'm also dealing with disability issues. I do believe that you will be having children, however that happens. Just think, each month brings you that much closer to God's blessings of children for you!

    (Yeah, i know, i'm being Pollyanna, but i still believe it, Denifay.)

  8. "Interruptions are opportunities to trust God." I love that. Sometimes it's hard to think that way during the interruptions when we are sad, disappointed, or frustrated. (example: Taylor Swift's expression) :)
    But it is so true. And it's times when we feel utterly hopeless and weak when the Lord often chooses to reveal His strength. I pray that you will feel His presence so near to you during these days when you may feel your life is on hold. He is working! Praying for you often.

    P.S. As a light sleeper whose husband also snores, I sincerely hope you'll find a solution SOON!