"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gluten Free Living

So, I think I've mentioned it here before, that I'm on a gluten free diet. I have always had stomach troubles, and had pretty much just assumed that was my life and I was dealing with it.

Over the past 6-12 months I've had a lot of (seriously, like 20) people mention to me the idea of being gluten intolerant, or having Celiac Disease. The testing for Celiac is extensive and I decided not to do that for now (back in 2005-2007 I spent literally those two years having tests run and appointments and trying new meds, the only thing that helped was having my gall bladder removed on the day my godson was born in 2007), but decided after reading a lot about it, just to try removing gluten from my diet. I had also read the book "Making Babies", which is very informative, but can also make you a basket case with all that it tells you, but it suggested for my type that I not eat wheat, which contains gluten, just further insistence that this could be bad for me.

So, as of August 1st I became gluten free, and have tried my best to avoid gluten at all times. It has been a little bit of a struggle, but I believe that it's helped with my weight, since it pretty much eliminates fried food because of the batter. Good-bye to my ever favorite Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit after a long morning run (maybe that's why I haven't been running as much).

The results: almost no pain and a normal moving system that has been completely dysfunctional for about 2 solid years now. It has been glorious. I don't scope out bathrooms in stores so that I know where to run when the pain hits, and I just enjoy my day and feel way better. So, hubby says he doesn't believe it, but he's not in my body and can't feel or see the difference, so I'm still going for it.

For anyone who may be interested, fake crab meat contains gluten, no need to test this yourself, as I was a guinea pig for you. I just couldn't believe that it really contained it and enough to make me sick, but I assure you after a good serving of Krab Log over the weekend, it contains gluten, and it HURT me badly. I'm choosing to remain gluten free and enjoying it! I've purchased a bread machine to make my own gluten free bread, some have been a big flop, but the last one, I ate the whole loaf this week, so that was nice. Sometimes, you just need bread!

We're going to try corn flour to make a roux out of because I'm not sure that I can go without gumbo for the rest of my life, that would really be tragic!! When we do it, I'll give a report on how it turns out!!

Happy eating--I'm headed to the pantry now!!!


  1. We did GF for a while with Reece....and casein free too. It seems that the casein was a bigger offender for him and he's somewhat grown out of the gluten sensitivity, although we try and avoid too much of it. I ordered most of my food online, but nowadays I can find tons of GF stuff at Trader Joe's (I don't think y'all have them there - I LOVE TJ's)....Reece still eats his GF/CF preservative free pancakes every morning (they're frozen which is great for me b/c they're fast, but they're really good).

    Anyway, I know how hard it can be to live on a GF diet in this world!!! Hang in there - I'd like to try it again myself simply b/c I lost weight when I was on it! lol


  2. Luckily you have a fabulous little sister who got you a GF cook book and found some GF soup in my pantry! Aaand asked the cooking lady about the best GF flour for a roux!

  3. i just ran across your blog. my sister and mom both have celiacs. it took YEARS to diagnose. it sounds like you have my mom's version but my sister was losing lots of weight (and she's small to begin with), passing out, etc. it was BAD. after TONS of tests (literally years worth) they figured it out. and now she's living a happy, "normal" life. she'll occasionaly eat gluten but it makes her feel so bad it's not worth it to her. enjoy your new found freedom from bathrooms!

  4. Sending you HUGS! Glad this diet helps you feel better. Let me know how the gumbo turns out ;O)

  5. So glad you are finding such a difference! I became lactose intolerant over the last couple of years and just recently discovered what it was that was troubling my digestive tract too...I agree with you - keeping the troubles out of the diet helps soooo much! But no more ice cream, yogurt, cheese really sucks!

    Your finding out about the gluten reminded me of Elizabeth on The View. After she went on her gluten free diet (where even a breadcrumb would aggravate her) she felt a lot better too. She and Dr. Oz both had some good sources for hidden gluten. You should check them out!
    Happy Eating!!

  6. Hello Sweet Friend,

    As you know, I too have suffered from the tummy issues. Was tested for the Celiac antibodies and that was negative. I did an elimination diet and am still doing it to see what my triggers are. At any rate, hang in there and if you feel better and you aren't scoping out potties everywhere you go then that is a good thing! I was a potty stalker too!

    Have all the corn chips you want! Hey, I saw some yummy gluten free chocolate chip cookies this week. And, you can have all the wine you want, but of course I hope you can't have that for the next 9 months!

    Much love and have a great weekend. You remain in my prayers always.

    xxxx love you to the moon and back!

  7. So glad the gluten-free is making a difference! I have IBS (after all the testing to rule out Celiac, Casein allergy, etc...) and TOTALLY nodded emphatically with the scoping out of bathrooms wherever one goes....seriously, for years and years and years, I'd rather leave my house naked than without my Immodium AD chewables. They were a staple. We've adjusted our diet a good bit (gluten's ok with me, but have to be careful of corn and by products because of my fats--hard to believe but true!) and the best things have been a few probitoic supplements from my nutritionist that just make my life so much happier. To the point that CB (colon blow, as we affectionately call it in our house!) is relatively a thing of the past. And such a blessing.

    Aren't you glad you know this about me now? :)

  8. You should definitely check out those lists of hidden gluten-containing ingredients. Hydrolyzed proteins, dextrose, malt, and lots of other things that don't scream gluten but can still really mess with your stomach.
    I got "glutened" in St. Louis while out to dinner. The dinner was fantastic, but 20 min afterward I had incredible stomach pain and horrible gas that lasted about a day and a half afterward :(. I was so bummed - I had talked to the server extensively and was assured of a safe meal. It had been so long since I had stomach pain like that, that I was shocked! I can't believe I used to live like that!
    Now that I feel better, I wouldn't go back to eating gluten if you paid me :). I think I'm going to have to try out a rice-flour based roux for gumbo. My sister's allergic to corn :(. Maybe this weekend, I'll give it a whirl!
    My sis just gave me this cookbook -
    I've already made the chocolate chip cookies, pancakes, and one of the chicken dishes and so far all were successes :).

  9. I have heard that the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under at Outback is gluten free...and it is YUMMY! Just a suggestion...

  10. It is amazing what contains gluten! We own a Organic Food Market so we see a fair amount of people with Celiacs diesease. I am glad that going gluten free has helped you out. From the people I talk to it is pretty much a life saver!