"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tyler Rose Half Marathon

So yesterday I completed my SIXTH half marathon! Wow, who (that knows me well) would've ever imagined I'd do that??? Not even me!

No PR setting here (that requires way better training), but not my slowest (that was during my 2nd pregnancy)! Overall I'm very pleased. This course was HILLY!!!! So a hard one, but very pretty through the Azalea district in Tyler, which is similar to South Highlands back home!

A shout out to Scott for completing his first half with thanks to his mentor, Skinner! Daniel set a rocking PR (I'm jealous) & Julie didn't hold it against me that I left her (she usually beats the mess out of me!). Thank y'all so much for coming to Tyler and for running with me!!! Thank you for being great friends too, honest, supportive, hilarious friends!!!

Next up on the running calendar? Nothing!!!!!! Though talks of a full are spinning round out there (when pigs fly in cincinatti in 2012?!?), we'll see!

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  1. Look at you miss Pinkey Pie! Woo Hoo is right, way to go girl :)

    Now put your running shoes on a shelf, cause you have other things to tend to ;) How's that for a bossy kindred spirit!

    Lovin those friends of yours too!

    Prayers always and Love you to the Moon and Back!


  2. Oh my! What a huge accomplishment! You have my respect hon. Seriously! If I'm ever running, you can bet I'm being chased by a lunatic with a knife. It just ain't gonna happen ya know?! :)

    Seriously, way to go!