"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Baby Finding Miracle

So, if you haven't already read the pre-story part of this, please do that as it tells how we came to this decision to adopt.

But if you have, I felt so selfish for not sharing the goodness that God has blessed us with, so here goes...

When deciding to adopt, Sean and I were just not comfortable with any agencies that we came across. Please don't think that I mean that they are bad, or anything like that, just know that everyone's travel down this road is different. I continually felt that what I needed to do was to put the word out there and wait. Sounds ridiculous, but when I discussed it with Sean he said that he felt that too! Crazy!! I had to steel my mind from the thoughts that doing it like this could take FOREVER!!! Being able to do this came from the complete peace that I had that God was guiding that decision and that it was going to happen rather quickly. I know this isn't everyone's experience, but I continually felt that in my heart. My friend, I'll call her Precious, had sent me the verse from Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God". Then when I was listening to a song that day, that I had never really listened to, it repeated that over and over. The song is "Meet You in the Silence" by Mark Sorensen, get on itunes and get it today!! I listened to that song over and over and over (along with "Desperation" and "Dance Like David" also from that album). This for me was just confirmation that God was at work and I didn't need to fret, so there's the background to that!!

Right around New Year's I got a fb friend request from OB, she asked me some questions about running, which you all know I love to answer and love to encourage people! Then a few days later I got a message saying something along these lines...

I was just wondering, HYPOTHETICALLY, if I had a patient who wanted to put her baby up for adoption, would you like to be put in contact with her? How would you like to do that?...

I responded back that I'd need to check with my attorney, but never did that. We had a possible adoption situation in our midst at that time with a baby who had already been born and was connected through a friend of mine who has adopted, anyhow that didn't work out (totally God's plan, and I felt that peace completely too). So, with this opportunity, I wanted to 'evaluate' the birthmother myself, to see how she really felt, to check my gut feelings and see what would come of it, if in fact, there was an actual birthmother to meet.

Well, about a week later, she sent me another message asking if I had talked to my attorney as she really did HAVE a patient who wanted to put her baby up for adoption. I told her that I just wanted her to contact me directly.

Little did I know that this was what had happened on the other end...
OB had some extra time waiting for her partner to go eat lunch, so she was playing on fb and read my blog, realizing that we wanted to adopt. THAT afternoon Baby Mama came in a said that she wanted to put her baby up for adoption and wondered if OB could be any help (Divine Intervention, I KNOW so!!). She responded very calmly that she had read a friend's blog that morning and we wanted to adopt and gave Baby Mama some time to think about it. Well, a few days later Baby Mama contacted her and wanted our information. OB offered my phone number, which freaked Baby Mama out completely, she said, "I thought yeah right, I'm going to call up this complete stranger and be like, Hey! You want my baby?!!?". So she got my email address instead.

Baby Mama emailed me and I immediately felt this peace overcome me and I could just tell that she was a good person in a tough position. We decided to meet that Saturday (which I briefly mentioned here after), thoroughly hit it off and were so completely content that I know that though neither of us wanted to say it immediately, we were done!! Sean needed to meet her, but I knew that they would completely hit it off because Baby Mama is funny and sarcastic like him, but I also knew she was genuine. Sean and I are both put off by fake people, and people who try to push their agenda too much. I knew that Baby Mama wasn't like that and wouldn't do that. We decided we would meet again with him the following Friday.

To say that the next week went by like a constipated snail is a gross understatement. I DRUUUUUUUUUUG on, for me, Baby Mama, and Sean. The closer the meeting came the more fidgety Sean got, the more panicked Baby Mama got, and bless both of their hearts, I knew that it was going to be fine, but they were so worried that one wouldn't like the other!! You know the rest of the story...

I'll tell you some other really funny things that some people chalk up to coincidence, but that I know are controlled by the one who controls it all.

1. I've always wanted to have a baby in the summer so that we could do swimming pool parties, because my birthday was always too early for that!

2. I've always wanted a blonde baby and both Baby Mama and birthfather were blondy babies!

3. My sister and BIL are now financially stable and can spoil our baby the way they want to!

4. This won't interfere with any of my marathon training (until July when I'll be too busy staring at my baby to run!! Though plans for a jogging stroller are in the works and recommendations are more than welcome!)

Now for the two questions that everyone wants an answer to...

Baby girl Troxclair is due July 8th, though she may come a little earlier than that! And yes! We do have a name (we've only been talking about this for three years!!) Her name will be Cala Fay Troxclair. Cala is greek for beautiful. Fay is my middle name and my granny's middle name, so there was no question about that!!

Thank you all for your love, prayers, and encouragment! We are so greatful to God for blessing us in this special way and can't wait to meet our sweet girl. I'm headed to the appointment with Baby Mama tomorrow, so hopefully we'll have some pictures that I can scan in to share!!


  1. I seriously can NOT wait to see pictures of your sweet little girl!!! Baby mama is an angel sent to you to send you your angel!

  2. My Sweet Kindred Spirit,

    I can hardly contain the JOY that I feel for you! God is GOOD :)

    Little Cala "Fay" is going to be loved beyond belief, she already is. No one deserves this blessing more than you my sweet friend and I'm so happy your heart is full.

    Send Cala Fay's photo shoot, as I can hardly wait to get a glimpse of this miracle :) Bet you won't sleep a wink tonight anticipating seeing your baby tomorrow! And, doesn't it feel good!!

    Hugs and Much Love
    ps Here's to JULY!

  3. Deni!
    When god show's up he show's out doesn't he! LOL! I am just so happy for you i don't really have the words to describe, i am just reading your post with a big , huge silly grin on my face! I love the name and i can't wait for her arrival! Sending you lots of love and big warm hugs my wonderful friend.

  4. I am so happy for you I have no words for it. I love the name Cala, and I love the meaning. Sending you and Baby Mama lots of love. I can't wait to hear more!

  5. Thanks for giving us the whole story so we can share in this amazing experience! I am so happy for you, Deni! It is so great to see how the Lord puts everything together in ways we couldn't have quite imagined. I am so excited to see His plan unfold!

  6. So beautiful!!!!!!!!! The pictures are awesome!!!!!!! You are truly an inspiration, keep up the great things you are doing :) Love, Nan

  7. Fab photo shoot! Looks like somebody has been doing a little it :)

    SMILING and so happy for the two of you. Can't wait for June, as it will be here very soon :)

    Love to you

  8. that is amazing news! i have enjoyed reading your blog and your journey. Many blessings to yall! :) Oh, and the absolute BEST BEST jogging strollers are Bobs, by far!