"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Friday, July 16, 2010


Our former birthmother (wish I had another term for her as that wasn't really the case ever!), but whatever you want to call her, I'll use scammer, is currently behind bars. I say this not to gloat on her situation, but to say that I am certain that our role and having to endure this pain was to make sure that someone else didn't have to fall victim to this sick person. We will pursue making sure she is prosecuted to the full extent of the law, as ours was not a 'change of mind', but a full out scam job.

She is in jail due to a parole violation back in February, so what happens from here I am not really sure. I pray that in her incarceration that others will be praying for her salvation, as she does have a baby girl to consider. The anger I feel right now will not allow me to pray that specifically for her at this time, but I am praying that God will work on my heart in the future. I will ask that anyone who wants to please lift up the child in prayer because she doesn't have her mother right now, and she is an innocent by-stander, a precious child of God. Without a doubt, I believe that her grandmother is loving and caring for her, at least that's what I hope and pray.

I myself, will be gone this next week on a mission trip to New Orleans, LA with my high schoolers. New Orleans is probably my favorite place in the world. I love it there, the food, the culture, the history, the people watching, the atmosphere, everything. So, I am thrilled that we are helping in a place that really is near and dear to my heart. Going with my youth and watching them grow and share and love is a gift beyond words, so I'm super pumped about this trip. The next week I'll be with some other people that I dearly love, that is my former youth group in Shreveport, I'm going to camp with their mid high group, and I'm super ecstatic about that as well. There will be fun, adventure (think zip line, rock climbing, repelling, hiking), and worship, oh how I love worship!!!! These are going to be two awesome weeks, but I will miss my sweet husband.

If I haven't mentioned it lately, I adore him. Seriously!! He called me today and started laughing (he's hysterical and thinks so himself) and reminded me of our first 'real' date where we went to eat sushi and I dropped a piece in my soy sauce, splattering it all over my cream colored shirt--not so funny to me, but he thought it was hilarious, still does obviously. Still it made me laugh again, and he makes me laugh ALL THE TIME!!

I also got to meet with a sweet, beautiful woman of God named Keiah Ellis. She recently wrote a book, that I HIGHLY recommend to everyone. It's called "Aftermath" and it is God-breathed. Check it out--immediately!!

Happy Weekend to all!!!


  1. I'm reserving comment on the whole scammer in prison thing... EXCEPT to say that I hope that poor baby is being taken care of by someone who is not a total criminal. That is crazy.

    On a more positive note, I am LOVING the pink streaks.

  2. I'm so happy that this woman is behind bars, and I completely understand that you are not yet in a place where you can pray for her. It just isn't right to hurt wonderful people so deliberately. Continuing to think and pray for you.

  3. I hope they keep her forever!!!
    Have a wonderful trip. Take care & God Bless.

  4. Ok sweet friend,

    I'm holding nothing back on this know me well, so here goes:

    WHAT to call "her": A soul less, gold digging, self patronizing, indulgent, heartless, thoughtless, calculated CON ARTIST! There, I put it out there, as she deserves every ounce of jail time she serves and then some.

    Who does something so calculated?

    This is going to sound terrible, so forgive me, but I pray that sweet baby girl finds her way into the lives of someone somewhere who will raise her differently, as I don't think the apple fell far from the tree. Perhaps, the CON ARTIST will suffer during her jail time and realize there are reap what you sow!

    And, the acomplice to the CON ARTIST, may he rot away in a hell of his own, as he played a role in orchestrating this too. He and D are one in the same.

    Sorry for my I do pray for sweet baby girl. And, to think her mother was only concerned about her knowing she was a cheerleader. What? Now, she will know her mother is a fellon! SAD.

    Love you to the Moon & Back!

    Have a fabulous time in NOLA with your kids :) And, praying that baby dust is following your path...I think it is ;)

    your kindred spirit

    ps Love that you had soy stains on your tee shirt and Sean still remembers that sweet moment. You are going to be okay honey...and this storm too shall pass, as good things are on the horizon!

  5. While I am happy that this woman is behind bars I am still at a loss for you and for her little girl left behind. Its such a sad situation for everyone involved. I will definatly still be keeping you and this child in my prayers! Have fun on your trip!

  6. It's just tragic all the way around....tragic that someone would DO those horrible things to innocent and loving people...tragic that that poor little baby girl is brought into this world with the role models she has...tragic that you are left to soothe your wounded heart while trying with all your might to not be glad about her suffering, yet feeling completely vindicated in that it is as it should be...

    I completely understand how your anger would prevent you from praying specifically for her, and that's ok--you focus on your heart and your feelings and you just allow the Holy Spirit to focus on the prayers we all wish we could offer for her but just feel so angry and hurt for you that it's just not easy right now.

    What a price you had to pay to protect some other vulnerable hearts. There are jewels being added to your crown daily!!

  7. I will keep that sweet baby girl in my prayers. I am very happy you have an exciting two weeks ahead! Have an awesome time! You certainly deserve it!

  8. I hope your trip is fruitful! I am also praying for the baby that was born to someone who only cares for herself. I will be praying that God would use you in mighty ways in the upcoming weeks.

  9. I hope she is found guilty and punished to the full extent possible. However, i feel so sorry for that sweet baby isn't her fault. Enjoy your trip. Sounds fun.