"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This is Filé...

She is a very happy sweet dog who just really needed a good home! Sweet Filé has heartworms (thank you to the losers who just dropped her on the side of the road), so she's being treated for that! Luckily she's young and otherwise healthy, so she will bounce back 100%! but for now she's on steroids for like a month! She went from this most of the time...

To a dog who resembles this on the steroids...

Poor thing tries to sleep & tosses and turns and whines and barks and is just inconsolable, though a bit of snuggle time in the bed doesn't hurt (cue jealousy from sister, Noble, and you've found our greatest difficulty with a new dog)!

Otherwise she's very happy and cooperative, takes meds like a champ, and is pretty obidient! Noble is still unsure and will pounce on her every now and again (certainly we want no confusion about who is boss!!), and she is still boss! That's our biggest issue and it gets better daily!

So for a few more weeks we have a restless uncomfortable girl who wakes mommy & daddy every night, usually whining and thirsty, poor girl! Mommy was on steroids for 62 days in the fall, so I have lots of sympathy! Just Want her to feel better asap!

I did get this great shot last week of the sisters peacefully sharing the couch...

And tiny sister O'Hara Belle is at Camp Lady and Pops for a while & got her hair did...

So cute (so unruly!!)

That's all from our clan today! Woof!


  1. our cat is on steroids for irritable bowel syndrome. we keep teasing she has, roid rage. :) hope file feels better soon!

  2. So cute!!! I laughed and laughed at the steroid dog pic, thank you haha! (((HUGS)))