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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog friends

Today I got to meet another blog friend in person! Woo hoo! These meetings never let me down. There is something we as IF or BLM bloggers share that just makes meeting like seeing a long lost friend. Today was no exception!!

I got to meet Amy over at! We have a mutual IRL friend, but it seriously felt like we've just been friends forever!!! I credit Amy with a lot of our IVF success as she so highly recommended Dr. S, who we used and LOVED. A recommendation as rave as hers could not be ignored and I'm happy to say Amy is back at SHER doing IVF again with the same nurse I had (who I'm pretty sure I mentioned I LOVED also)! So praying nothing but awesome things for her.

I'll be forever grateful for her honesty, candor, and support throughout our RE search and beyond! She's a doll, just as cute in person as I imagined which matches that fabulous personality I've come to love since we became "blog friends"!!! So send her some love. Also know her hubby is precious! He just listened to us yap away, added a few funny comments, & laughed at us a lot! It was fun talking infertility, treatment, and DOGS!!! I'm fairly certain she loves her girls as much as we love our brood! Swapping stories was great!!!

Blog friend meeting success!!!

Who's next?!?

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  1. ME!!! ME!!! ;-) So glad you got to meet up! What fun!!!!

  2. awww!!! It was GREAT meeting you, too!!! Hope we can do it again soon, but next time with Miss Priss!!!! Wasn't Keith hilarious?? in the backseat and him up front. Too funny. He's pretty sweet most of the time! Love and hugs!