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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cat Days of Summer?!?

I usually post about the dogs, they cooperate a little more for photos, but Tasso was being hilarious this am, so it's his moment to shine...

He LOVES to go outside, but we try not to let him because he never returns in a timely manner and I'm terrified of coyotes getting him. One day last week he ran out as I was leaving for work and I'm just not as quick and coordinated right now so I didn't catch him before he hit the azalea bushes! When I got home from work he was sitting out of reach of the dogs (they have a radio fence and he likes to torment them) panting quite like a dog and ran immediately inside! This is a pampered kitty and he was HOT!!! he hasn't tried to jet out again this week! :)

So this am he was jumping at the window where Noble was sitting outside of it attacking her with all his might despite the glass separation!

Then he gave up and sat in the chair next to me, "his" chair as I can find him there often!

A little grooming post dog attack!

He's an awesome cat and bless his heart deals with our dogs constantly. O'Hara loves to jump on his head, which he actually loves and they wrestle constantly! Noble just likes to follow him around and whine and try to get him to play with her! Sampson and Filé really don't give him much thought, which is fine by him!

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  1. Oh good morning Tasso! Walter misses his brother-turned-cousin!