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Monday, June 13, 2011


I got funny pics of each dog...

O'Hara is hanging out in the shade under my bench I'm sitting on!

Filé is waiting by the door hoping to follow me inside--no luck sister!

Noble has a treasure she keeps guarding and no, it's not a bone!! It's a broken sprayer for the hose that she carries around like gold!!

She's daring O to touch it!

Sampson and the others have dug holes under these bushes to cool off in...

Nope, not vicious, that's mid-yawn!!

And just chillin'!!!

And Filé rolling around in the grass!!

See how entertaining these dogs are?!? I laugh all the time!

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  1. Love the pics. Sam is so funny he goes out, lays right in the sun for about 10 minutes then comes to the door barking like a crazy dog to come inside. He's panting and gulping down the water as soon as he gets in. Not sure why he won't drink the water I keep outside. ha!

  2. My Pug Fur-baby has been such blessing to have during our IF journey. She always keeps us smiling at her antics too.