"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Can a woman get a Mozzerella ala Caprese salad around here?!?!

Apparently not at any Italian restaurant in this town.  Why do I know?  Because I've called EVERY SINGLE ONE of them!  Why would I do this you ask?  Because my husband LOVES Italian food, and I do too, but pasta is very gluten-full and I've yet to find a place that serves gluten free pasta (if you know of any, we probably don't have them here!).  Anywho, it's hard to eat gluten free at an Italian restaurant, but I do know that salad is one of my favorites, and what I chose at 75% of my visits to Macaroni Grill (which I LOVE), so it's always safe, however, we don't have that here and so I'm trying to decide what I'll do at this nice dinner with hubby who is very excited about me saying yes to Italian.

I've been gluten-ing myself a lot lately and my stomach is paying the price, so I have to cut back (which means I should quit completely), but it's really hard!  I'm planning on having some allergy tests run and a Celiac test done in a couple of months when my annual visit to my internal medicine doctor comes back around, maybe that will turn up some clear answers as to whether or not it's a gluten allergy that I have or just wheat, or something else completely.  I am convinced that one of those is the culprit, as being gluten free made my life much happier and my tummy practically in heaven!  Lately I've had a serious craving for things of the gluten persuasion though and I've given in, which didn't seem terrible at first, but now it's certainly catching up to me and leaving me feeling pretty yucky!

So, goodbye bread, goodbye cinnamon rolls, donuts, most everything fried (this is good for my waistline, you see!!).  I'm about to go back to my boring GF life.  Though I must say the dinners I've made the past few nights were GF and YUMMY!!!


  1. I don't know if you have the Spaghetti Factory there. I know of two and i think they are a chain. They have a GF menu. I was really surprised the first time i visited, i expected to be stuck with a salad. I had the most wonderful pasta dish there. Their choice of GF pasta isn't top (it is a rice pasta, bland) but the sauce was so wonderful i didn't notice! I mixed two of the choices of sauce, a white and a red. Wonderful. Unfortunately for us, they close every day between 2 and 5, and that is usually when we are traveling thru that area.

    BTW, for pasta choices to make at home, the very, very best i have found is Andean Dream. I order it online, tho our health food store carries it sometimes. My hubby thought i was serving him wheat pasta the first time i cooked it. Yum. :)

    On the whole, i think eating grain-free is the healthiest, but when you want a treat, i've found these two to be the best.

  2. I admire your discipline! I love bread and pasta, and it shows. Italian food is my absolute favorite. Love and hugs to you!

  3. please come visit me in NYC, this is food lovers heaven!!!!!