"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm an adult!!!!

Yes, I know that technically I have been for a long time, but there are certain things that happen in your life that make you know that you are an adult.  For instance, when Foxy delightedly told me that the government was giving us back some money this year (I'm afraid that yes, dear, hell has frozen over), though nothing compared to what we've had to pay in years past, my first response was NOT--let's go on vacation!!!  Or let's buy...!  I actually caught myself saying the following phrase in a very giddy tone, with much jubilation..."Let's pay off the Tahoe".  Holy beans--I've cracked and seriously I'm still completely pumped about it!!  So, that was done today after a long conversation on the phone with the courteous customer sales rep, who only insulted my intelligence once (apparently on said site you must do every process at least 3 times before it works, no reason, as you did it correct the first 12 times!!).  He was actually very helpful and who gives a damn because I never have to talk to him or anyone at his place of business again because Hallelujah the Tahoe is PIF!!!  What's up now?!?!

What's up is that the back door of the Tahoe (you know the main reason for having that SUV to transport all your crap) will NOT open!  It's not a fuse, so after a shower I'll be taking it in to see what the slip slap is going on with Ladybug (yep, that's her name!).  And hoping that she'll get a nice bath at the same time, but not holding breath that this will be resolved today, banking on having to order a pricey part and install it later!  Just praying it's before another traveling weekend this weekend, putting things in and out the side doors only is not that fun or easy!

No, that's not my actual vehicle, though it's the same, Ladybug is far too shy for photos (shy is code for dirty!).

Me, an adult, who would've ever thought it!?!?  Not my hubby, who I think teared up at my new-found maturity! :)

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