"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rainbows rainbows everywhere!!!!

I love a happy post and this one is definitely that!!! This week welcomed THREE new rainbow babies that I am so excited about!!!

First, Andrea's bunny ( was born on Monday, a sweet healthy baby... Nope not gonna ruin it, but she did pick one of my favorite names!!! All is well there despite some nasty weather around her area! They go home tomorrow (and yes!!! It's killing me not to tell!!).

Second was Mr. Spencer, Marie's rainbow! Please go see him in all of his cuteness over at! Her quote at the top of her post is now one of my favorites!!! Marie has an amazing story and is great inspiration for anyone dealing with incompetent cervix!!

Thirdly, Mr. Isaac was born this weekend, but his sweet name and face were FINALLY revealed today!! Send them some love at, as she now has a doll to call her mama!! This has been a miraculous road for their family & I've just been in awe of how God has handled every detail (not without some rough snags these last few days), and want you to go give them some love!!! Her story is amazing as well, as she's battled infertility and walked this adoption road (plus she's got Louisiana roots, so I love her!!)!

I've cried about 30 times today, tears of joy and just awe of all that has happened (I also cried watching The Voice, probably because that's my not so secret dream!!).

Infertility and loss are HARD and Everyone's story is a little different, so I hope for those of you who are searching for inspiration these three great stories will help you! I pray that these bits of awesome news haven't hurt anyone, as I know the sting of happy announcements while you painfully wait!!

Love to the new rainbows and their families!!

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  1. Can you believe it?! It's still blowing my mind!!!

  2. Exciting news for three of your friends! I love it when we can celebrate miracles like these together in this community where there are so many heartaches.
    (I will now be stalking Andrea's blog to see the big reveal!!)

  3. Thanks for the shout out Deni!

  4. Oh sweetest friend...thanks for all the continued love and support! I could not have walked this journey without you :) God is so good!