"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It helps...

When someone remembers our babies.  Very few people mention them by name or refer to them at all, and I guess that's to be expected, but for me it's sad.  It's sad that their lives seem to matter so little to everyone else.  Oftentimes I feel like even Foxy has forgotten (I  know he hasn't really, but he never mentions it either).  The fact of the matter is I've felt like  mother for almost 3 years now, since that first stick had a sweet "pregnant" on it.  I still know that this Friday was Layla's due date and that we should be having a sweet 2nd birthday party for her, and I see little girls that age and sometimes my heart cringes just a little.  I know I'm not the only one, and it took me a few days to even recognize why I was feeling sad, but now I know.  April 15th is forever tax day to the whole world, but to me it's always Layla's would be birthday (and yes I'm well aware that most babies aren't born on their due dates, but it's all I've got).

So, Friday I may or may not blog about that first pregnancy and how it changed my life, but today I wanted to mention it, and I wanted to say thank you to my sweet Nan for sending me a great picture text this am of her triplet girls' tree blooming and sending love to our angel babies!
Sending love to all of your sweet babies in heaven!


  1. Love ya sweet friend. Thank you for sharing that!

  2. Very sweet and touching... and I will think of you and Layla on her due date!

  3. I hope the day isn't too hard on you as you remember your sweet Layla. I'll be thinking of you both!

  4. so sweet... thinking of you...

  5. It does help so much to know other people remember. Your Layla was due so close to when my sophie and aiden were born and died. They share a springtime <3
    I think my husband deals with grief SO differently, but it drives me nuts and I feel like he doesn't remember.
    Love to you, friend
    Christy xoxo

  6. Such a sweet post...and my heart is with yours in remembering Layla. She is the angel that united our kindred spirits and continues to touch so many lives.

    Love you to the Moon & Back
    Your Forever Kindred Spirit

  7. Deni, I'll be thinking of you & your sweet Layla Friday and praying you through! (((HUGS)))

  8. Very sweet post. Layla will always be a part of you and I'm sure she is proud that you honor her memory. I'll be thinking of you Friday. =)

  9. Beautiful post. Sending you lots of Love and blowing kisses to heaven. Love you lots.