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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our own oasis

So I can't say that I love gardening like my mom does, weeding beds and stuff isn't that fun, but I do like to plant things and watch them grow! Our backyard is like a little slice of heaven, complete with a bed I devoted solely to my babies in Heaven. Here's some photos...

I forget the name of this but I love it's fuzzy appearance. I planted this and Calla lilies in pots alternating at each post along our back porch.

You can see them lined up here and sweet Sampson by the window!

The pool adds to our oasis and the dogs like to drink out of it (if anyone knows how to stop them I'm all ears).

Here you can see the table and some of the bird feeders hanging from hooks & some potted plants.

Hanging off the back porch are some feeders and this house--yep full of baby birds! I tried to catch momma feeding them, but she's fast!

How about these perfectly colored beauties as my table centerpiece!! Geaux Tigers!!!

I'd like to take credit for these but mom did all that, aren't they fab?!?

And she gave me this stunning bromeliad for my birthday and I potted the shamrocks and Hibiscus in the smaller pots!

In these gorgeous pots around the pool at the base of the lights (left by the sweet previous owners) I decided to put Jasmine, it flowers, smells divine and comes back every year!

And last but certainly not least is the babies flowerbed! The climbing rose is blooming so pretty and there are Calla lilies coming back from last year, the statues are for my sweet Layla and Michael. I'll be adding some purple flowers (Petunias most likely) for Layla in the next couple of weeks!!!

So I sat by the pool to rest and look and Filé accompanied me...

Also for my bday my sister made me some fab gifts, two being pool pillows to use on my lounge chairs...

Sensational idea Né!!  (Too bad it's way cloudy and I had to go inside after about 20 mins b/c it was windy too and I was cold--boo hiss!  Maybe I'll have better luck this weekend!)


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