"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


***  If you dvr House and haven't seen Monday's episode, don't read this, come back afterwards b/c it's pertinent to my BLM friends ***

So, House this Monday was watched last night in my house.  I LOVE this show!!  I spend the first 15-20 minutes pestering Foxy..."Do you know what it is???",  "What does that mean",  "That could NOT happen", "Have you figured it out yet??".  It drives him crazy, but I think he thinks it's funny too mainly because I know he's smart enough to figure out lots of the things and that fascinates me!

Well, this week was one of the best episodes lately, for many reasons, the first being it was very twisty turny, which I LOVE!  The second reason is because it delves into the topic of MISCARRIAGE, the oh so taboo topic, that people love to avoid.  I don't want to ruin the whole episode, but you totally think that it is going one direction, and then BAM!  It goes somewhere completely different!  Basically there is a woman on this one who has had THREE miscarriages and basically loses her mind.  I cried, and I felt her pain like I just can't describe, you could see the pain in her eyes and feel just how broken her heart is.  She doesn't just 'snap' and lose it completely in an instant, but it is a gradual thing that her husband describes and it's intriguing.  While I don't know anyone who has responded in exactly the way that this character did, it was such a true depiction of how deeply loss affects your heart, how irrational it makes you feel, and how you can just spiral out of control without good support.

I enjoyed it so very much and wish it weren't just a one episode topic, but alas, that will probably be where they leave it and I encourage everyone to watch it.  If you're not a regular House fanatic (like myself) then you may be a little thrown by some of the storyline, but it really all has been building for a while.  I also loved that the doctor, Masters, as she's referred to spends so much time trying to delve deeper into what is truly going on with this woman rather than just blowing her off as crazy!  We need more doctors like that, more who are exceedingly compassionate, more who look beyond the surface info that we are willing to tell and try to find those things we're actually working to hide!!

Bravo House for tackling a hard topic in a way that I appreciated!


  1. Hi Deni : )

    Im catching up on your blog .
    So much has happened when I was " gone " !
    I like your last post . All awareness of the pain of miscarriage is good and I do what I can to contribute too.
    Today DH and me have written a letter to the boss of the clinic where I go to highlight how woman / couples that suffer miscarriage are being neglected even by the healthcare staff.
    I attached some links too - the Our miscarriage website and the Resolve website .
    All this with the hope to educate and create awareness for the patient group we belong to in order to help other couples to get better treatment in the future.

  2. I just started watching house a couple of weeks ago. I watch the reruns on bravo and usa. I didn't know that show was sooooo good.