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Monday, April 4, 2011

Things I like...(ACM version)

I don't care what the ACMs say, I LOVE Zac Brown Band & think they should've won tons of awards! Their performance with James Taylor (what?!?--how cool) was by far the best of the night!

I also triple poofy heart Keith Urban and am tired of him getting passed over! His voice is flawless, his lyrics sincere, and his gratitude for his wife inspiring (I love Nicole too!!)!

Miranda Lambert is adorable and I love her and how real she is and am glad for the recognition she's receiving. I wish her and Blake years of love and happiness that endures the fame scene!

I also love my dogs, who make me laugh every single day! This is the newest pic of Filé in her special way...

Though I could have offed her on Saturday night for barking/whining all night long!! She was an angel last night even with serious storms outside!

I'm sad to say I have no newer pics of my other three, they don't sleep quite so crazy!!!


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