"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blog Award 1

So, I'm going to try to give out blog awards!! Let's hope I can figure it out!!

First, from Stacey at Stacey's Thoughts, I received the Beautiful Blogger award, which was very uplifting coming from this beautiful Louisiana girl. Go check out her blog and send her love. Stacey has been through the ringer and continues to demonstrate beautiful faith and has encouraged me on many occasions! Thank you Stacey!

Here are the rules for the award:

~Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.

~Copy the award and paste it to your blog.

~Tell us 7 interesting facts about yourself.

~Nominate 7 bloggers that you love and link to their blog.

So, 7 interesting facts about me...

1. I love monkeys. I want a pet monkey, but my husband says NO!! We played with monkeys on vacation in Guatemala in 2007, and it was the highlight of my trip!!

2. I'm not a natural blonde, but believe to the core of my being that I should be! I used to dye my hair myself, but have found that to be a mistake on more than one occasion, now I just leave it to Jessica at Avalon!!

3. My astrological sign is Aires, and I think it's fitting, read characteristics of it and you'll know a little more about me!

4. I love animals, LOVE them! I really would have a lot more pets if I could, but we've put a cap on them right now. I have 3 dogs (most of you know one is missing right now, continue to pray for his safe return home!!). O'Brien is an 11 year old pom/chihuahua mix, and is the first love of my life! Noble is our first white German Shepherd, she is sweet and fiesty and high maintenance. Sampson is our second white Shepherd, and he is 100+ lbs, and is somewhat slow (we say he has doggie Downs), but sweeter than pecan pie! We also have 3 cats, two of whom are still roaming the streets in Shreveport, but their names are Cub and Savage, and they are wild beyond belief. Savage will disappear for days and come back with pieces of ear missing! Tasso is our youngest fur baby, he's a tabby cat, and we're trying to fatten him up. He's a lover who thinks he's a dog and the BEST cat I've ever had!!

5. Laughing is my favorite thing, good thing since I married Sean because he is full on hilarious!! I would rather laugh any day that cry! Probably why my favorite movies are Wedding Crashers, and now Hangover. **Little known fact about Sean, he looks a lot like Alan from the Hangover and that's who he is going to be for Halloween!!**

6. I love love love Louisiana, specifically Shreveport and New Orleans, always have, always will. The culture there is unlike anywhere else, it's rich, alive, and makes you want to just enjoy everything about life. I attribute that a lot to my friends from south Louisiana, who adhere to this concept even better than I do!!

7. I always sneeze in 3s, well 90% of the time. If you've known me long, you know to just wait until I sneeze at least 3 times, then bless me, it'll save you some blesses!!

So, I'm giving this out to the following blogland ladies:

Nan at Persevering

Shandrea at Loving my Angels

Jennifer at Blue Sparrow

Katy at Pray Date

Monica at God's Gracie

Lori at Lori Does Maryland

Amy at Bloom Where You are Planted

Please visit each of their blogs and share some love!! These are great women that I'm blessed to 'know' through blogging!!


  1. Awe, thank you so much for the nomination, what an honor, and I can't wait to hop around to the other blogs you nominated:)

    Still praying for O'Brien. Do you still have no sign of him?

  2. You're too sweet! I'm honored and blessed to "know" you too! It's fun to learn about you too--I'm right there with you on wanting to laugh over crying any day. I love laughing! I miss it!

    I'm so, so worried about your little guy. I know it sounds weird, but I have just been worried sick about him. I just think about my pups being out and about and without me and my heart sinks for you. I am definitely praying that he returns, but at the very least, he is safe and cared for until he makes it home!!

  3. I always sneeze in 3's too. How funny!

  4. Aww thanks Deni! I will try to get this posted when I have some time off from work! *HUGS*

  5. Sorry it took me so long to get here! Thanks for these sweet words and for playing along! I love learning more about you. :)

    Yes, Louisiana is a great place to call home... even when you live in Texas. Ha ha!