"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring time!!!

I love spring, the birds, the flowers, the breeze, riding around with the sunroof open and the windows down. Spring is refreshing and fills me with hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, a better year, a bright perspective!

I just finished planting bulbs in my front flower beds, let's hope they come up as it's a little late for planting, but I wanted to get them in. The whole front flower bed I filled with daffodils, which I love because I think they look like their smiling all the time. That, and they come back on their own! In my smaller bed right by the front door I put purple tulips, I'm sure you're picking up my color scheme here, as I need to do everything possible to make sure people know we're die hard LSU fans! My mom was sweet and went to extra trouble and effort to make sure that the tulips were PURPLE, not some funky pink, or red, but purple! So, we should be seeing some spirit to get us headed into football season! I personally, don't love gardening, I know that a lot of people really like it, my mom for example, and she can make anything grow, but I have more of a black thumb, so let's hope the tulips and daffodils make an appearance here!!

I've been thinking about my babies a lot lately, probably because Layla's due date was April 15th, yep tax day, and Michael was made in April. So, there are good memories and then sad ones. Layla would be almost a year old and we'd be planning a fun birthday party. Michael would be most likely moving up a size in clothing. It's a weird place to be. I'm not tearfully sad right now, just wistful I guess. And we're looking to the future hoping that Cala makes her little way into our home in July. If the weather is yucky outside tomorrow, they're predicting snow--what!!?, then I'm considering painting the nursery. I'm finding it very hard to get more excited about the baby, as there was such a bumpy time there where we really thought that it wasn't going to work out at all. So, you put up a guard, you try and shield your heart, and then it kinda turns around, and you're just in shock, and wondering what to do next. The furniture is still on order and should be here in mid-April, so maybe things will seem more real then. Having not talked to Baby Mama in a few weeks is kinda weird too, as we were communicating daily, so it makes things seem less real I guess. Part of me would like to talk to her, and part of me feels that it would just end up ugly like it did before. This journey is so strange, so unique, and so complicated.

For now, I'm enjoying the time Sean and I have been getting together and laughing a lot! My job is a blessing, as I feel blessed to get to touch the lives of youth, and they touch my life in turn! The youth director I work with is a hoot, and we have a blast. This week I go to meet our newest staff edition, who will be coming in the summer, he came in for his Spring Break, and he's a blast too. I see lots more fun and laughter coming my way in the future, and for that I'm grateful! Seeing the ways that God is moving and has moved in my life is pretty awe-inspiring and I'm grateful.

So now, out to enjoy some more of this beautiful weather! Happy Spring everyone!


  1. Happy Spring My Kindred Spirit!

    Wish I lived closer and I would help you maintain that gorgeous garden of yours :)

    As for painting the nursery, I only wish I could come and help you do that! I'd be there in a heart beat if I could and we'd have such fun. I'm sure you'd like to talk to Baby Mama, but maybe she is trying to shield her heart as well. The whole process is complicated for both parties, but I am hopeful in the outcome. More than anything I know one thing for sure, "there WILL be a baby in that room" I know it!

    Sweet friend, I'm still praying for O'Brien to come home and come home soon. Keep the faith and know that I'm thinking of your aching heart that misses your fur baby.

    Much Love and Know that I'm a listening ear away.


  2. Deni, I love the new blog look! It looks great! We had snow here too today, blah, Im so ready for spring and for Bryston's garden to bloom. Somehow in my minds eye, Bryston's garden signals hope and better times ahead. *HUGS*

  3. What? Snow? No!!!!! I have sprouts coming up and buds on the tree here it better not do that anymore!!!! I feel the same way about blessings and finding a new path. I know you things will keep looking up. Nice to hear you happy friend :) love, Nan xxxooo

  4. Thank GOD for spring!!! I'm so ready to throw winter away!

    I also am still misisng your little O'Brien for you and still hold out hope for him.

    I cannot wait to see all that awaits little Cala. Such a miracle and such inspiration. I'm so happy for you, because there's joy to be found even in the midst of sorrow!!!

  5. isn't this texas wheather crazy. It was so pretty yesterday and thursday and today it is cold. I'm like you on the gardening, black thumb. i'm to plants what orkin is to bugs. lol. i hope you have wonderful weekend in spite of the coldness.

  6. I love spring, too, but I understand that certain months bring a whole new set of feelings and memories with them because of where you've been. Hoping the sunshine and flowers will help to keep your spirits up as you enjoy the season! Sending lots of love your way.