"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nice weekend away

I'll post some pictures later, but for now I'll say that despite the funeral detour (Sean lost his great aunt Ethyl, called Aunt toots) in White Castle, our trip down south was a success.

We enjoyed an unplanned night of driving and stopping at Acme Oyster house in Baton Rouge for a great dinner of oysters (raw and charbroiled), some etouffe' and poboys, along with very cold Abita Strawberry. It's my favorite and I always look forward to it in the Spring time! We had a great meal, great conversation and great laughs (have I ever mentioned how funny my husband is!?!?). Then we drove and found a hotel and crashed for the night. Saturday we went to the funeral, which was nice, and we got to see some family, which is always great, then headed to Nola to see my sister and BIL. We went down to the french market, had a cocktail, listened to some jazz music, and walked around in the glorious day! We had dinner at Sean's favorite place "The Come Back In" and he got his favorite sandwich, the Joe-Don (could that sound anymore redneck!??!). It was a good time as well.

Sunday was a blast as we went to his mama'a brother's house to be with the Hughes side of the family, which is never short of completely entertaining. We went for the annual St. Patrick's Day parade in Metairie. I can't even tell you how great the parade was, it was so long we left before it was over!! My friend from Mobile came and brought her husband and baby girl, EmmaLarson (I love that name!), it was great to see them, as always. She's a babylost mommy herself, and her sweet daughter is adopted, and she's the cutest!! It was all a blast and there was good food, good company, and cold Abita Strawberry! So, we're home now, and it's almost 8, still not dark outside, we took the dogs for a walk, and need to feed ourselves!

My dad is doing well, recooperating at home, and seems in really good spirits, which makes me smile!

O'Brien is still MIA and that continues to break my heart. I am going to put flyers in mailboxes tomorrow, maybe that will turn something up.

As for the adoption, the birthfather signed over his rights on Friday and baby mama seems to be doing ok. I spoke with her OB, which made me feel better and I'm hoping and praying that it will be smooth sailing from here on out. Continue to pray for all involved as I'm sure this isn't getting any easier on Baby Mama, and I know it's going to be hard in the end. She's making the best decision for her baby, but we all know that what is best isn't always what is easiest! Continue to pray for peace of mind for Sean and I as well, while we continue this journey! Pray for a safe arrival of sweet Cala, she has such a big family waiting to welcome her with open arms, she's going to be overwhelmed with so much love, she'll never even realize just how blessed she is!!

Praying for a good week!


  1. Still praying that O'Brien will come home. I've thought of him several times since your last post. Also for Cala, baby mamma and you and your husband.

  2. I'm so sorry about your husband's aunt, AND that little O'Brien is still missing!!! I hope the mailbox papers work.
    Glad that your dad is doing better and that the birth father signed over rights. Still praying for all involved as I can only imagine the range of emotions!!

  3. So sorry O'Brien hasn't come home yet. Still hoping that he will. Glad things are progressing with the adoption. Will be praying for you and for the birth mother. I can't imagine how hard it is for her...and for you too right now.
    My friend said that when their daughter's birth mother left the hospital without their daughter she sobbed. She said that as happy as she was to have her daughter, she was sad that the birth mom had to go through such pain to give them their dream.

    You are so kind hearted and always considering others. I know this won't be the easiest thing, but your thoughtfullness will help in so many ways. ((HUGS))

  4. i am glad you had a good weekend, you deserved it. sending you hugs and love.

  5. Hi hon! So nice to hear you in good spirits, except ofcourse about your puppy dog and I am also sorry for the loss of Sean's Aunt. Praying continually for positivity :) Love you xxxooo

  6. Sounds like a great time in the great state of Louisiana! :)

    Been thinking of you so much lately. I'm glad your dad is doing well. Still hoping you'll find O'Brien, and praying for Cala and all involved!