"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's happening as of Today...

Today my dad was supposed to go home from the hospital, but he didn't as he had some chest pain overnight. It didn't occur to me, but did to my amazing husband that this was a good thing in that my dad had actually told them that this was happening! He's listening (even if only a little)!! So, he's spending the night again, and I'm headed home in a little while so I can be there tomorrow because my mom really has to go back to work. Please continue to pray for his recovery, and that he'll take better care of himself in the future!

O'Brien is still MIA, which continues to sadden me profusely! I just can't imagine that someone hasn't tried to return him yet, though I know he's the cutest dog in America and he is super sweet, you would think they would want to find his owners. Since we have information at every vet/pound/shelter in town, it should be easy to find us, plus there are posters, I made bigger ones last night!! So, keep praying that my little love will come home, nothing seems right at home without him!

Finally, on the adoption, it is still up in the air! Yesterday I would've told you that it was moving forward, but today, not so much. We are waiting to hear from our attorney again tomorrow, and are hoping that there will be a solution found. This yo-yo of emotions is beginning to be too much, and this is truly not all that I have on my plate right now, obviously. I wish that this had been handled completely different from the beginning, but this is a lesson learned. We will praise God for all that He gives us, even if it's only lessons, as His plan is far greater than mine! If this doesn't work out we will be sad, but we will recover, there is nothing that Sean and I can't do together, God definately knew what He was doing when He made this team!


  1. So glad your dad is listening and will get to go home tomorrow. I am terribly sorry that you haven't found O'Brien yet. Surely someone will return him! Not sure what's up with the adoption, but will pray that all is resolved quickly. ((HUGS))

  2. I thought of O'brien, your babies mamma, baby, you and your dad earlier today and prayed some more and I'm praying again right now.

  3. Oh, I was SO hoping I'd hop on and see you found your little guy!!! We foster Golden Retrievers and I am always amazed at how some people view dogs--some people don't care, and I want to strangle them. Then you have others who find a dog, decide they are going to keep him/her, and never even bother to look for the owner (though it's usually obvious they are pets due to care/collars/etc) and think that's ok. I just pray, pray, pray that he is safe and healthy and comes home soon!

    That goes for your dad too (and I don't mean any disrespect for saying that after talking about your pup FIRST!!!). Still praying for your famil and especially your mom--for her peace and strength.

    Always praying for little Cala and her situation!

  4. My Kindred Spirit,

    Glad that your daddy is listening to Sean and that he's able to stay with too :) I'm praying for his strength and recovery.

    As for O'Brien, I have to BELIEVE he will come home to you and I pray for that as well.

    Also, I pray for sweet Cala and that she finds her way into the arms of a loving couple who will love her and cherish her always. I pray for Baby Mama as well...the rest we leave up to GOD, right?

    Finally, I'm praying that you have peace in your life...just peace. I love you so much and hate knowing that you are stressed, but we will weather this storm toghther, promise :)


  5. Oh, Deni. I'm just now reading your last THREE posts and all that is going on in your life and in your family. Please, please know that I will keep all of this in my prayers and will lift you up to the Lord for as long as necessary.

    I pray that your dad will go home soon, make a full recovery, and pursue a healthy lifestyle for the rest of his long years! I pray that your sweet doggie will be found and returned to you very soon. And of course I pray for baby girl and her mom, and for you and your husband. I'm trusting that God will make a way.

    Sending LOTS of love, hugs, and prayers!