"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moving forward

Well, with the inspiration of my sweet friend Andrea, I started painting my nursery yesterday, and FINISHED today! I'm so excited. There will be a baby in there before we know it!! I lightened the room up quite a bit, as we've ordered espresso colored furniture, and I didn't want it to be dark in there! So, I'm posting a before color picture and an after color picture!

I'm very proud of myself for doing it all by myself, like a big girl. But I must say I wish my dad had been here to help me. It's always more fun with him, though he's trained me quite well. Keep praying for him as he's still not feeling 100%, and I hate to hear him sad!

Now, I'm in search of the perfect tie-back for the curtain, and probably a different fan, as I'm not a big fan (ha!ha!) of the one in there!! I feel like I'm getting my spirit back where it should be. Thanks for all of your support!!


  1. So glad you are feeling up to move forward and enjoy some of the excitement for sweet baby Cala!!! I know it's not moving on, but you're right in moving forward--what other choice is there, really? So, I am very happy that in doing so, you are able to enjoy some joy--it's well deserved!
    Still hoping your little guy is safe, wherever he is, and will be able to make it home to you!!!

  2. It looks lovely. Can't wait to see it with the furnitures.

  3. Oh I love the new color! Can't wait to see how it all comes together!! So excited for you to get your sweet baby girl home!

  4. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! It means so much that there are people out there praying for us that don't even know us! Amazing how this journey brings people together, isn't it? I have enjoyed reading through your blog and getting to "know" you a little bit. I look forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for you!

  5. It's beautiful! LOVE those curtains!!!

  6. Looks wonderful and I love the curtain fabric! Looking forward to seeing it when it is all finished.

    And I have just lifted up a prayer on behalf of your little pup, I so hope you are able to find him.

  7. Love the new color! Can't wait to see it with the furniture in there!