"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." Isaiah 66:9

Monday, March 8, 2010


This weekend seemed as if it was the worst, and I must say I was feeling pretty sorry for myself Sunday night, but in a therapeutic way. That would be curled up in my chair and a half with snacks, my dogs that aren't missing, my cat, and the Oscars. It was nice until...

My phone was in my room charging and I heard it dinging away, but I ignored it to indulge in my laziness in the chair and waiting on Sandra Bullock's impending acceptance speech (I knew she would win, isn't she a doll?!!?). So, I finally go back and check my phone and get a "Call me 911" text from hubby. This doesn't alarm me as we can be slightly dramatic, but I call quickly. He somehow spills out the news that my dad has had a heart attack without it being the worst news EVER. Guess that working in the ICU really does teach you great skills. I am bawling however, as this has always been a huge fear in our family because there is so much heart disease on my dad's side (he's the oldest living male, most have died before 55, he's 63). So, sweet hubby explains that they think it's minor and he doesn't want me driving upset, but that he knows I'll feel better if I go home. He knows me so well, and is the best husband ever (in case I haven't mentioned it lately). I repack my bag (as I had just gotten back to Tyler the night before, you know to look for my lost 11 year old dog), and headed home. By the time I got there they had him stable and daddy was way tired, so I said hello, went home with mom (they won't let you spend the night in the ICU) and she and I snuggled up in bed together, waiting on my sister and BIL to arrive (mind you they had just arrived back in New Orleans like 5 hours prior). They packed up and made the 5 hour drive back and arrived around 6 am. So, we are all here together (since hubby drove over after he got off work at 7 am, and then drove back to be at work for 7pm, see the best!!!).

Dad is doing well, just very tired, and therefore grumpy (I come by it honestly, sleep is important people). They did a heart cath today, found some blockage, placed a stent, and did an echocardiogram on him. He should be ok, just needs to eat better and take his meds consistently.

Scarey, weird weekend! Hoping for brighter days ahead, but God won't give me more than I can handle and has surrounded me with the best friends ever! I'm grateful that whatever trials and joys I face, I never face them alone because my life is full of angels! Thank you to my sweet friends and family!

My dog is still missing, so please pray that he'll be found and returned as I'm really freaking out about him at this point, we've been BFFs for the past 11 years, and I'm not sure what to do without him!

We aren't quite sure of the status of our adoption at this point. I'm waiting to hear back from our attorney, so if I don't tomorrow, I'll call there. They have been wonderful and I appreciate them greatly. Continue to pray for baby girl, Sean and I, and for baby mama. This situation is hard for everyone involved and none of us have done it before, so we don't know how to handle the whole thing and appreciate your prayers!


  1. Deni, I am thinking about you and praying ... for your dad, a speedy recovery, for O'Brien to find his way home, for Cala to be united with you and finally for you to have some peace. God will take care of you all... don't lose hope!

  2. Certainly still lifting you and and your family now...Glad your dad seems to be stable and hope he continues to heal swiftly. I'm so worried about your bff!! Praying he finds his way home or someone finds him and guides him home!

    Of course, lifting Cala and baby mama up!!!

  3. Gosh that's a lot to go thru. I've been thinking about o'brien and praying that God would bring him home to you. Also praying for your dad, baby mamma, baby, you and your family. xxxx

  4. So sorry you are going through all of this. Hoping and praying your dad is better soon. I am also praying that things work out with the adoption. Words cannot even explain how sorry I am that things aren't looking so good. Hope you find your dog soon. Those posters are sure to help. ((HUGS))

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your dad, but I am glad he seems to be doing well. Still praying for you. xx

  6. Praying over you this morning! Believing God has BIG and mighty things planned for you!

  7. Just more hugs, love and prayers honey bunny xxxooo

  8. I'm sending up lots of prayers tonight for you. I hope your pup comes home safe and sound!!! They become such parts of the family, don't they??? I know it's hard, but continue to hold your faith strong. You are in my thoughts today and in the days to come. Hugs to you!!!

  9. Hey Deni,

    Just wanted you & Sean to know that Tony & I are praying for y'all and thinking of you.

    XOXO Paulette